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Warum wurde "Push to Kindle" geschaffen?

Kindle It is part of the FiveFilters.org project in which we aim to make non-corporate, independent sites and blogs more accessible. There's plenty of great content on the web, but reading it on the computer screen can be a pain. So with this tool we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to send interesting articles they encounter online to their Kindle (or other e-reader) with as little fuss as possible.

There's more information about the FiveFilters.org project and some of the other tools we've developed on our website.

Was kommt als nächstes für Push to Kindle

This is a very light add-on - most of the actual work is done on the server side. Our plan is to release the server-side code under the free software AGPL license so users have the option of hosting everything themselves. Once we're ready with our self-hosted option, this add-on will be updated to allow users to point it to their own copy of the code, rather than relying on our copy. The free service will of course remain.

We are more than happy to hear about other suggestions you may have if you use the add-on.

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