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  • Este plugin era maravilloso. Pero como quieren que nos deshagamos de los viejos equipos, no quieren plugins así.
  • I'm loving it
  • Excellent, thanks.
  • work as advertised. must have. but need to be rewrited from scratch because of those retarded shit from mozilla team.

    hope youll decide to update it.
  • hi developer
    how are u ?
    i hope u doing well
    i want to reload my page not stop the page

    i think more many network problem can clear by refreshing the page

    i want to reload the page can u help me for that ???

    thank u for your time
  • There are lots of webpages I visit that continue generating traffic long after their content is displayed, this extension certainly stops most of them, thank you!

    I have found the worst culprits (usually newspaper's websites) don't give up trying to re-establish their traffic every several seconds.

    In those cases the KillSpinner does stop it again but is not able to completely prevent browser responsiveness taking a hit.
  • This sped loading of some pages like Flickr which was taking forever to load and slowing browing down on me.I've got a slow internet connection and this looks like it should be a big help with the slow page loading issue.
  • Hey all,

    I didn't really want to stop the page loading - just wanted the spinner gone.

    And I too, like you, only had a problem with one specific site (Facebook in my case). I managed a way to completely solve this without using this add-on at all.

    I installed Stylish (a different extension). I then created a style with the following code

    .tabbrowser-tab .tab-icon-image {
    display: inline-block !important;
    background:none !important;

    .tabbrowser-tab .tab-throbber {
    display: none !important;

    It basically forces the tab-icon-image to show and the tab-throbber not to show in all circumstances. Hope it helps some of you.
  • The ext. is helpful as it does what it should, but it needs a bypass switch for reloading a session.
    For now you can use browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand=true to prevent session restore from loading all the tabs together
  • Especially combined with Load Tabs Progressively! ;)
  • I second the opinion of previous reviewers: while for some the crude one-size-fits-all approach might suffice, there are many users who are more discerning and need a finer degree of control. (Two stars dropped to reflect the needs of these users to what otherwise might be a worthwhile addon.)

    For those who are currently missing support for a black- / whitelisting feature etc you may want to consider using the NoScript addon and stop sites (after a certain timeout) via a so-called "Surrogate Script".

    --- EDIT (in response to developer's comment) ---

    My perspective: I wanted to "killspin" (might have preferred "stopspin", but catchy name anyway) a specific website after two seconds. That is, all the fuss about one single website (which I check regularly). Your addon might be lightweight, but is literally overkill if all I'm interested in is to tackle a single specific website. For websites which are not part of my daily intake _and_ misbehave, hitting the Esc key does the trick well enough.

    But all this is just one single user's perspective...
    the controversy is about blacklist mode... which seems to reflect some kind of misunderstanding about the way the add-on function on sites that load in reasonable time ;-(

    Edit: again, there is no overhead in normal sites, all the add-on does is to check if the page finished loading after the timeout. one "if" and we're done (to check if the site is blacklisted would take much more!). But all this is just one baffled developer's perspective...
  • Seriously man, you gotta add a blacklist and stop thinking you know how ALL people use their browsers and what they want this extension for. You're a good dev, but a long ways away from an all-knowing god, no?

    UPDATE. This is my reply to the comment dev left on May 29, 2015.
    You don't "must" do anything. It's just a feature request, not a forceful requirement. But it's not just me asking for that feature, it's hundreds of other reviewers here. I thought perhaps my usage was unusual in my earlier comment, but I now see literally hundreds of other people asking for the same thing, so I guess it's not so unusual. Like I said before, I only have one site I need this for, but yet am being forced to whitelist hundreds of others, those that I don't need this for. I'm also not a dev by any means, so your earlier suggestion to code my own extension or edit this one is a bit unrealistic. I rely on people like you, I don't code myself.
    but where did you get the idea that i "must" tailor this add-on to your likings?
    you haven't given any ---reasons--- why you think you need this...
  • My hope in a future release including such a feature is gone because of a recent developer's reply to other users asking for the same thing... so, I have to realize that this addon will remain as-is with no further improvement.

    @yochaim: you have said that "blacklisting doesn't seem to go well with the concept of this add-on"... so, why did the developers of many other add-ons like NoScript include this feature?
    It's a user preference to operate in whitelisting or blacklisting mode, depending on his own needs and daily usage of the browser.
    Add-ons are meant for this: customizing the users' browsing experience to delight the most wide range of tastes and preferences as possible.
    The reason i don't think this is comparable to other add-ons like noscript, flashblock etc (which i think should have blacklist option) is that they change page behavior by default. Killspinners does nothing when sites behave normally and change very little when sites load slow (usually it prevents social widgets and ads stuff that takes long to load...)
  • Not bad addon,i have sugestion,for this addon,not sure if development of this addon is still actual,but here is the idea,there is whitelist,ok ... so what about create also blacklist and put there specific sites,with specific loading times for each web site.I actualy need this addon only for 1 web site,so clicking on every web site,to add it whitelist,or click allow instead,i do like welcome button ignore other webs than in blacklist,i know sounds komplikated,but i think its possible to doit.Thanks. ps:i hope this make sense.
  • Would be perfect if notification bar autohided, let's say in 5-10-20 sec.
  • good addon
  • Good addon.
    Can you add the option:
    1) "stop loading BACKGROUND pages after x seconds"

    2)put the button "allow spinner" in the addons bar.
    it uncomfortable click two button: option-->allow spinner

    as for background tabs, please elaborate in the support site...
  • nice
  • when you first restore tabs it may take longer for all of them to load so i suggest an exception to let tabs get a longer time to load on browser start.
  • ## A "Reload Tab Every" tab spin all night with 12,5% CPU load

    Sometimes when Firefox is minimized I see in my ProcessHacker.exe tray icon that firefox.exe use 12,5% (which is probably has done all night, wasting CPU power and indirectly heating the GPU and other components through the increased air temperature) instead of the average 0,5% CPU

    When I restore the Firefox window from minimization a page that use "Reload Tab Every" 30 min is spinning

    When I press Esc (Stop) the tab icon stop spinning and the firefox.exe CPU load goes back to 0,5%

    ## No setting solve this problem

    I haven't found a setting in about:config that solve this problem
  • Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I've been looking for an extension that does this for ages. And to think, all I needed was to hit on the right search terms to find this wonderful add-on.

    I am assuming that the person who asked (paraphrasing) "Why would you want to do this?" is fortunate enough always to have a new and fast computer. I, alas, am not, and I was not having any fun at all sitting and waiting and pounding on the "abort load" button in vain while, even though the meat of the web page -- what I actually wanted to read -- had already loaded, I still had to wait forever while Firefox desperately tried to access Google and Facebook and Pinterest, and God only knows how many other annoying social media sites that never actually finish loading. As if I care how many stupid "plus ones" or "likes" a web page has received! I just want to read the *content*, y'know? But half the web pages I navigate to these days actually freeze up my computer with all those social media calls, forcing me to use drastic measures to shut Firefox down just to break the freeze.

    You have saved my web browsing experience, and made it possible for me to return to sites that I had been forced to abandon altogether because of this problem. Now I can access them again. Hurrah!
  • How exactly is this even a good idea? You're literally saying "when any webpage takes longer than this random number of seconds to load, something must be wrong and the solution is to interrupt the loading".
    1) if you're targeting bulky Flash ads, it could very well be that the Flash is only a widget that's loaded instantly and then loads a stream from a server in its own process, avoiding the browser's meddling (like in the case of Flash video viewers).
    2) networks and connections can be slow sometimes, making the page loading exceed the arbitrary number of seconds.
    3) page loading time only (vaguely) indicates the size of the content, not whether or not that content is essential or unneeded

    From the looks of it, literally the only purpose is to get rid of tabs that keep spinning for longer than x seconds, regardless of the cause, tab's contents, etc. How is that useful?
  • Great addon, tnx!
    Only you should add exception for "about:addons", cose sometimes KillSpiners self activate in addon window. Btw, I set timeout to 10 sec.
  • Amazing concept totally inline with todays ad/flash-heavy websites which tend to cause problems of that indefinite spinning.I dont know how i missed out this addon for almost 2 years since its inception.Though there is 1 thing that i found strange , may be or may not be its a bug :An imacro bookmark on toolbar has to be doubleclicked instead of the usual single click once "KillSpinners" is installed. Also disabling KillSpinners does not get rid of this, you have to restart mozilla after disabling it to enable back the single click functioning of imacro bookmarks.Thanks a ton.

    Additional Info:
    Hi yochaim You can use the following steps to reproduce the problem:
    1) Install imacros addon.
    2) Click on its icon on Navigation bar, which will show up a side panel
    3) Expand demo-Firefox
    4) Right Click on any macro and add click "add to bookmark"
    5) This will open a pop up asking you where to put the macro as bookmark, Near "Add to firefox bookmarks" there will be a dropdown menu, select "Bookmark Toolbar" instead of menu.
    And now you can reproduce the problem.

    The trouble is that when killspinners is disabled(and restarted) you can open imacro bookmarks with single click, while after activating the addon you need to double click the imacro bookmark. I hope you will fix this trouble soon.
    traced your steps but everything worked ok (including bookmarklets). if you could create clean profile and add only these 2 add-ons that would be helpful.

    please continue this on the support site...