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Whatever other reviews are saying I'm having great success so far with KillSpinners using FF v39.0 on Mac OS 10.6.8, I hadn't needed an add-on like this until a couple of days ago when web pages started refusing to complete their loading, for unknown reasons (same with other browsers too). I'm assuming it's some sort of network problem out of my control and hope that it gets resolved. In the meantime I came across KillSpinners during my web investigations.

The developer's description isn't very clear but basically once it's installed it times every pages load time and if any go over a user-defined threshold it stops the page loading and displays a notification toolbar to tell the user it's stopped the loading. The toolbar helpfully has 2 option buttons on it plus a "x" to cancel the toolbar. The buttons are; Allow the page to keep on loading for this time only and Options. This button brings up a pop-up menu allowing you add that page to an exceptions list so that KS will ignore that URL in future (the list can be edited manually too) plus prefs. etc. The toolbar also usefully reminds you of the time out setting you're using - I've set mine to 20" which seems ideal.

So far I haven't found this add-on interfering with any other add-ons I have or other FF functionality. Therefore it's 5 stars from me!

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