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It makes significantly more then described!
1. It opens ANY shortcut bookmark, not only for search in new tab
2. It opens even javascript bookmarklets
Therefore I have 2 suggestions:
1. It is better that item "Keywords Bookmarks" will appear in context menu anyway, not only if some word/phrase is selected
2. To allow to open the bookmark itself not only in new tab, but also in current (for javascripts, for instance) and even in sidebar.
Let say, left click - in new tab, right - in the same and middle - in the sidebar

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Very nice extension. Really like the convert feature. The only thing missing is the menu entry in input boxes/fields.

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I can move my search engines into keyword bookmarks, which are SYNCed. Yeah! (I just started using it less than an hour ago.)

Can you add an option to remove the "Search using" prefix in the sub-menu? Or a hidden preference that can be set to empty?

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Thanks for the suggestion! The prefix is really redundant... Finally found time to get them removed in version 0.2.1.