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Очень красивая тема

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very good theme

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I love Kempelton Large. Is there any chance you can update it to work with firefox 13? Thanks.

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I've always been very averse to change, so much so that only yesterday i started used FF 13 coming from a very long standing with FF 3.
However i was disheartened when i found my favorite skin was not compatible.
I always used Kempleton Large.
Now, this Reloaded skin is not yet compatible with FF 13, but the regular Reloaded is, so it will tidy me up until Reloaded Large is updated.

Believe me, i'm very grateful for these Kempleton Reloaded skins.
I just don't feel comfortable using anything else.

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Thank you for bringing this back.
I'm sure that updating it wasn't too fun.

My only issue with it is that the menu bar text is very light. It kind of looks disabled.

I have 48x48px, and 64x64px sized Tab Groups icons (and code) if you're interested in the XPI at the following.

I may still have the SVG if you'd like that instead.

Thanks for the link, I may consider it in future. If I do, however, it'll likely be implemented after the menu bar fix (which I'm still trying to diagnose) and possibly doorhanger notifications. KRL uses 48x48 and 32x32 icons, so it'd be preferable if you had the SVG icons available, so I can get them just that bit smaller than your raster images.

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Good! I like it.

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Return Of An Old Friend Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thank you for restoring both the Reloaded and Large versions of Kempelton.
I used them for years and missed them when they stopped being upgraded.
They are a clean and attractive design.

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Thanks for bringing back a favorite. It's nice to be able to see the buttons without squinting through my glasses. Goes nicely with Nosquint, another of my favorite and required extensions. I wish my other favorite themes had a bigger button version or option available.