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  • Works well and is actively maintained. What more can you ask?

  • Excellent add-on that is getting even better with every version.

  • Getting better.

  • Works very well!! Great app.
    One upgrade I'd like to see -- ability to move the icons that are in the username and password fields on webpages to the left side. Sometimes they're obscured by a password generator key icon.
    Still, I love it.

  • First of all: thanks to the developers for the work on the old plugin, it really was a useful add-on.

    Like others have already stated. There are tons of errors in this new version (Firefox Update) that reporting them would be a full-time job.

    Hopefully the community can do an effort in fixing them. For now, I do not think it is useful anymore...
    Hope to not have stepped on anybody's toes for stating this.

  • The old version was perfect. The new one is not usage. I would like to get the old version.

  • excelent

  • It was amazing add-on but with the new Firefox it all vent down rapidly. Before keefox detected accurately the site you're subscribed. You could see the sign when you visit the site. Now it's blank. It doesn't see shit.
    I had a big problem with login to a website I'm subscriber 7 years. The new add-on diverted my login to another site. Every time I tried to login to the site I was diverted to other site. I've sent a complaint email and they told me that they don't see any problems. There was no suspicious entry.
    Then I made a test with other browser (Opera) with the old add-on and everything was fine.
    To cut it short, problem was in new add-on. Auto log for whatever reason diverted my logon to website I know nothing about.
    Now I have to use copy username and copy password to login to that website. otherways I'm srewed.

  • The best solution to use keepass with firefox. Thank you!

  • Gute Integration des KeePass Passwortmanagers in Firefox

  • HATE IT, please give me back Keefox!! This upgrade "Kee" is a dumb-grade. Main features missing:

    1) When logged out, there no link to log into KeePass from Firefox plugin, old Keefox, it was simple click, now must launch Launch KeePass independently.
    2) Old KeeFox had search window in Firefox menu to launch websites and perform login. Now this is not possible with "Kee"

    This extension is the main reason I'm not using Chrome. If "dumb version is future KeeFox, I rather do it with CHROME

  • It would be nice to see an option to remove Kee from the context menu.
    Also, either I am wrong or the addons stopped saving the icon to the database? All my new entires are saved without any icon.

  • mantep gan

  • A wonderful addon!

  • Would recommend Kee to anybody looking for passwords security.
    Great community support.
    Well designed features presented in a secure and frills free interface.

  • Best addon to connect Firefox with KeePass.

  • A must for Keepass users.

  • All of the issues that I was having in version 2.0 have been fixed in 2.1, so I upgraded from 1.7.

  • KeePass et Kee pour Firefox sont des logiciels/applis tout simplement devenus indispensables. Rien à y redire, tant j'apprécie KeePass et KeeFox devenu Kee tout court. Merci aux développeurs !

  • I had used Keefox for many years and now using Kee and quite happy with what it offers. Though there are still some small annoyances with Kee (very minor), I am confident its future development will fix those issues and add some more features that are relevant to privacy, security, and usability.

  • Well, I finally decided to upgrade to FF 58... And give a shot to Kee. Even if I miss some of its excelent predecesor Keefox I must say that it worth to use (much better than KHPH). The explanatios of Luckykrat are very comprehensible explaining the limitations that are not on him but on Mozilla itself. The only thing is that I notice that Kee is also putting its icon into fields which are not for logins or pwd. For example in the AirOs page of my Nano5 I got the icon in the Mac address field and in the access point field where is not needed to be. I guess that Kee sees those field as login-pwd ones. Anyway I don't care for that (the icons are pretty, though :-). So 5 stars to Kee, and encouraging the Autor to keep improving it. (I have updated it to the newest version, but I don't see any visible changes yet).

    1 Problem: If I check "...automatic login" in Options, when I close (log off) a page, as it returns to the login page, Kee keeps login again... I had to uncheck the (convenient BTW) option box and manually do login. What can it be done to fix this?
    2 Problem fixed: I was seen in some secundary pages the Kee icon in some places it shouldn't be (I guess Kee was seen that as login/pwd) and even in a particular page the whole thing started to blink o tremble in a way I couldn't do nothing to stop it. I solved the problem opening and editing the connection login and in the last "Kee" tab, in URLs set as "Exact: The Url must match exactly including full path and query string" and then, in the additional frame I added the exact url of the main page (where the real login/pwd is). After doing this (and save the change!) I didn't see the icons in the secondary pages again.

  • I've been using KeePass for years, and this extension makes using in Firefox a great experience.

  • Works great!

  • It's all free! All the features of KeePass and the Kee Plugin are available for free as Open Source Software. You are not going to be asked to pay a fee to unlock some feature you really want to use.

    Works across all platforms. I use various versions of Windows, Linux, and OS-X. No mater what machine I go to all my passwords and logins are at my finger tips. Note you must run KeePass with Mono outside of Windows.

    You have control of your password security. Not counting on a third party to store your passwords securely. I recommend saving your KeePass database to a small USB drive and attaching it to your key chain to have your passwords with you at every machine you work on. Keep a copy of KeePass Portable on the drive as well, and take advantage of Firefox Sync to sync the Kee Plugin to all your machines.

    KeePass has a great password generator that supports various password requirements. Unfortunately the Kee Plugin does not fully support all options in the KeePass password generator, so occasionally I have to Alt-Tab from Firefox over to KeePass to generate a new password. Maybe Luckyrat in his spare time can expand the password generator support? :)

  • Works with new Firefox Quantum. Best Keepass plugin I know of.