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Warum wurde "Live Stream Notifier" geschaffen?

While developing my first Firefox add-on, I realized, that a more general add-on would be pretty simple. The plan was, to let the user enter the channels he wants notifications for. While developing it, I stumbled across the favorites API of justin.tv. What would make more sense, than displaying notifications for the channels the user follows? Automatically finding out the user's name!

Was kommt als nächstes für Live Stream Notifier

I am thinking about new providers to add, like air.mozilla.org, Dailymotion and Livecoding.tv. If you'd like to see any other live streaming service, just contact me!

Currently hosted twitch channels, rebroadcasts on MLG.tv and if enabled playlists on Twitch all show up similar to a normal stream in the panel. In the future I'd like to move all those to the bottom of the list, so the first thing you see are streams that are actually live. This will also allow me to change their appearance in the panel, fix opening hosted streams with livestreamer and more.

The next step is then making twitch live and offline notifications instant thanks to a new API Twitch recently introduced. Beam.pro will also eventually benefit from the general infrastructure needed for this.

I'm investigating a "tagging" system, similar to reddit's flairs for example, so you can add a custom note to channels. These notes will also be searchable, of course.

A mobile view for this add-on is planned, so you can use it in Firefox for Android as well. This will most likely include a page in the home "hub" plus the notifications like on desktop version while Firefox is opened. This has very low priority, since most platforms have dedicated apps for Android.

Some of these new things can already be tested in the "beta" version.

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