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  • Waiting for Firefox57 support. It doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm so very disappointed.
    I really liked this one. too bad.
    Can anyone recommend similar sticky notes extension?
  • SO very sorry that this wonderful extension isn't apparently being updated to be compatible with Firefox 57 Quantum!

    This was one of the most valuable extensions I had ever used. It seemed like magic the way 'sticky notes' would reappear on closed web pages to which they had previously been added.

    I hate updating browers at the best of times. More often than not, updates provide no additional functionality (still can't play videos from most well known sites on Firefox version anything), and much loved extensions cease working. Sad day in Firefox-ville :(
  • No update since 2013, but still the best notes tool IMHO !
    Is there any chance that this addon shall ported to FF57+? Thanks
  • Love the features of Internote and the flexibility created. Best web note I've found...

    One minor improvement request. In note management, the ability to create categories would greatly streamline going back to notes based on subject without searching URL.

    Switch to Waterfox... It will support Firefox addons and keep the ones Mozilla has deemed "legacy" working correctly and still be supported.
  • I find my note when I re-open the website. Perfect.

    Could you add the ability to bookmark notes like normal bookmark, and also: sync.
  • It breaks not only Wired-Marker. It breaks also 2 other addons : Site Launcher addon and Easycopy addon.

    Here's the STR (steps to reproduce) for conflict between Internote and Site Launcher.

    Create a new/fresh FF profile
    Install Internote
    Install Site Launcher

    Result - Site Launcher doesn't work at all.
    BTW - I found a workaround : install again Internote.

    The STR for conflict between Internote and Easycopy is the same last STR except that it happens only in Cyberfox.

    Tested on a new/fresh Firefox 54 /Waterfox 54 /Cyberfox 52.3 profiles.
    Win 7 x64

    BTW - I reported it to the devs 6 weeks ago but haven't got a reply yet.
  • After updating Firefox, Internote complicts against Wired-Marker, which is also an important addon that enables you to permanently highlight text in a web page.

  • It would be great, but for some reason Wired Marker doesn't work. Can't give up Wired marker. So I had to inactivate this addon
  • Perfect for making quick to do notes for your opened tabs. Exactly what entrepreneurs like myself need in their daily life.

    Bug: You cannot mark/select your text without moving around the note.
  • just what i needed ! thank you.
  • Working great on Pale Moon 64bit.
    Extremely useful and has helped me clear some of my tab, bookmark, and manual note clutter.

    REQ: Allow wider note max size.
    REQ2: Allow adjusting transparency percent per note.
    REQ3: Allow clicking of URLs stored in a note to open a new web page. (this one comes from the note I just used to save the firmware URL for a product on backorder from Amazon).
    REQ4: Blinds Mode -- Instead of minimizing like it currently does, have it become just the window bar like a blind that has been pulled up in place where the note was stored on the page.
  • The basic functionality is pretty nice. The "All (universal note)" and "On this site only..." options do not work at all in Firefox 37. (You can work around the latter with the "Where URL starts with..." option.) It would be nice if there were a way to bring up the "Manage Internotes" dialog directly on a page with no notes, rather than having to create a new note first and then right-click it.
  • Please add the opening notes manager by right-clicking on the button !
  • Architecturally, this is excellent, in the way in which it works with the url rather than the window class and title. Also this makes it the most persistent of any web-url sticky that I have seen (e.g. immediate pop-up, some require a touch of the sticky button.)

    The lack of rich text edit is for me important. So for now I am using the paid version of Notezilla (I also like its memoboard capability.) Also that leads to built-in cross-browser functionality.

    So it is a mixed bag. The app is well designed and free and Firefox fine. I will always consider more use.

  • Excellent addon.

    Using Internote it a much more better methode for managing short-term website links than using bookmarks - thank you.

    But the option " Show On - All Pages " does not show the note at all - can you fix this ?
  • Best sticky addon imho!

    i tried a few sticky plugins yesterday and i must say this one is exactly what i needed.
    It works without bugs as far as i can tell. has good options. and its fast, it doesn´t slow down page loading or anything

    edit. ok theres a bug , duplicate tabs only show the sticky on one tab but not the other one even if "show on all sites" is selected!
    edit2: found another bug , NO sticky which is set to show on all sites is shown at all.
  • I've tried to create a note and I get an error that a bug has occurred and the note cannot be created. I emailed the dev over a week ago with no response. Can a user get some help, please?
  • Useful addon. I hope the developers will not abandon it.
  • Great addon that does exactly what i want it to do, however it has one flaw that makes me want to uninstall it. Could you please add a setting to disable the note out of visibility popup, this popup alone makes me want to remove this addon completely, that is if i can even find another addon that lets you add sticky notes to pages.
  • Please update! atleast since firefox 23 for me, when i set notes to show universally on all pages they don't!
  • I love this add-on. Serves as bookmark and note pad all in one! Instead of having to use separate add-on or, even more annoying, using notepad or ms word to take notes, Internote lets you put note right on the page to be called up along with the website whenever you need by going to "display all notes". Multiple options for saving. I would make one suggestion though-add the ability to title note so that pulling up the correct note/website is easier. Great job!
  • Works fine for me. Especially when I have to read longer texts and want to take some notes.

    I only miss one feature: I want notes to be able to stay at one position on the screen, even when scrolling down or up - sort of a floating behaviour.
  • I recently dumped a competing extension and by now I have tried pretty much all of the note apps. This one works beautifully and it has better security.

    Overall this looks well done!
  • Looks good. However I am yet to find an extension that allows simple sticky notes and saves them into the html of the page when I save the page to disk, preferably as MHT file.
  • Thank you guys!!! So much thank you!
    THIS is something that i was looking for a long long time. Works in my 21.0 in XP.
    Suggestion: is there any chance to put darker skin styles? Also, it will be stunningly amazing if you put something like a "skin builder". In wich the user can:
    • chose an image from hard disk for the background.
    • chose the coordenates for "repeat" in the background. (for when resize notes)
    • chose the margens to indicate where the the icons and input should be drawed. (usefull for images with some kind of border, like shadow effects)
    (All apologies for my bad english. And thanks ANYWAY)