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I noticed starting with FF 17 when you try to download a link to a .mkv file, FF will try to open it in the browser and fails saying the video is corrupt instead of downloading the file. Disabling this addon fixed it.

Yes finally! Thank you! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Leave it to a savvy FF user to come up with a solution that the FF developers could not or would not do for years. I've been supremely annoyed by torrent files not opening automatically even though I have the option checked to "do this automatically..." This add-on makes them all work now. This is a must-have if you've been frustrated by files not doing what you want, which I think is almost all FF users out there.

Kudos to Kai for this add-on. You have eased the suffering of one more FF user. One suggestion though. You might want to change the name of this add-on to a better sounding name; something more intuitive so people that are searching for an add-on for this problem can come across it and recognize it easier. How about: Do This Automatically For Real!