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  • This is really good!
  • In most instances the add-on works very good. The one exception is in the sequence of words from Spanish to English, and vice versa. That needs a lot of work.
  • I use both Finnish and Spanish. They do a fine job in Spanish and a commendable job of translation in Finnish. Finnish is difficult to translate - no gender and it is an agglutinative language. Sometimes the translation is off, but most times it is pretty well on target.
  • Muy bueno y práctico. Al tener la ventana flotante para traducir fragmentos de texto lo hace muy versátil.
  • Installed Imtranslator to cope with various European languages. German to English seems to be difficult for most translators.
    Support was excellent when I quiered a pop-up problem and learnt that I was able to pin it to a blank webpage and then paste into it from an email message. Very useful.
    Still discovering but very pleased.
  • Múltiplos tradutores....
  • I like the speed & perfect conversions
  • I installed this addon just because it says it could do Text-To-Speech.
    My main language is Greek and It can translates very well. It does the translation part great.
    But I downloaded it for other purpose, which does not work as expected.
    I am trying to make it speak one English paragraph for me from one website.
    It translates the english paragraph into Greek, and it acan read the greek Text when I click the sound icon. BUT it can not read the english text. When I put it english to english and I click the "sound" icon, it automatically takes me to another website with such a URL address: (http://text-to-speech.imtranslator.net/speech.asp?dir=en&text=Note that it is impossible for the staff or the owners of this website to confirm the validity of posts. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the posted messages). And when I click the <> button, It gets me this warning: "The voice function is available only through ImTranslator extension for Firefox. Download ImTranslator for Firefox". which I have already Installed this addon in my Firefox. Hey!! what is going on?
  • Good
  • the best addon for using pop-up translation (very few translation apps do that).
  • Rien à ajouter, il est parfait et nettement supérieur aux autres.
  • Me parece interesante
  • Will this be licensed to MPLv2?
  • 不能直接翻译,比较准确
  • Excellente
  • ótimo, maravilhosa extensão. A melhor extensão de tradução .
  • Ottimo funzionale anche considerato che utilizzo il vecchio Windows Xp
  • Me gusta que se presente en una ventana a parte, es genial.
  • Apprezzo la rapidità ed una buona traduzione, in genere sempre accettabile
  • Eu estava procurando um tradutor para traduzir toda a página através de um atalho de teclado personalizado. Ele me deu isso com poucas configurações.
  • A beautiful tool I don't want to miss
  • My favorite extension! So many features!
  • Good
  • Best programm!
  • Особенно полезно, при чтении сайтов на иностранном языке.