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Version 165.9 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.5 und neuer

The only changes made to this version were in making it compatible with FF6.

Version 162.7 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.5 und neuer

Updated code to work with FF4. No changes to functionality or appearance.

Version 1.6.5 154.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b8pre

- fixed a bug in the file naming feature
- added pornbb forum style
- added support to download embedded images with an option to turn this feature on/off, and pick min height/width
- fixed a bug in the options window under embedded images to pick min height/width
- added support for the new 4.0 series
- fixed a bug in the exceptions list generator (thanks to WebSurfer for this bug fix)
- fixed a bug that wouldn't allow new changes to host file to take affect without restarting firefox
- fixed bug in thread sucker (thanks to WebSurfer for this bug fix)
- fixed bug in save session to cache (thanks to WebSurfer for this bug fix)
- added keyboard shorcuts for IHG's main window (thanks to WebSurfer and ThErIpPeR)
- added host file auto update (thanks to WebSurfer)
- added host file auto update settings (thanks to WebSurfer)
- fixed a little problem with event handlers (thanks to WebSurfer)
- added setting to close download window when all downloads are finished (thanks to WebSurfer)
- changed the directory where the cache is saved. Now it's saved to a directory called "ihg_cache", located in your profile directory (thanks to WebSurfer)
- improved functions in dom_funcs.js (thanks to Rookie)
- fixed a problem with a regex (thanks to WebSurfer)
- added some cdata improvements to the host file editor (thanks to Rookie)
- added a couple entries to the popup menu of the download window (thanks to WebSurfer)
- added an option to export the download list to HTML (thanks WebSurfer)
- made a little modification to get the real filename when downloading images from imagevenue (thanks to WebSurfer)
- made some changes to allow for on-the-fly adaptation of 'max. number of simultaneous requests' and 'max. number of retries' (thanks to WebSurfer)
- modified the createExceptionsList function for better adaptation (thanks to WebSurfer and Rookie)
- fixed a bug that was causing some GIF files to be treated as corrupted files (thanks to WebSurfer)
- added a missing "else" (thanks to WebSurfer)
- fixed a problem related to the request URL and the referrer URL used for embedded images (thanks to WebSurfer)
- added support for embedded images in threadsucker mode (thanks to WebSurfer)
- fixed a bug with the revive session (thanks to Rookie)
- fixed a bug with the de-redirector
- fixed a bug that I created when I fixed another bug with the revive download feature
- changed the way files are renamed
- fixed a bug in the renaming feature (thanks to WebSurfer)

Version 1.6.4 1003.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

- Fixed the rename feature bug
- Removed the last two eval statements with a dynamic function
- Adding locale support
- Added German translation
- Added Spanish translation
- Fixed a bug in the check file function (used a real binary stream)
- Added download support for icon files
- Added support for SmugMug galleries in getHostToUse
- Fixed a couple of bugs in the resume download feature
- Fixed a bug in the Save/Restore session from cache feature
- Fixed a bug that caused IHG to stop when couldn't find a new host function for requeues
- Fixed a bug in the file naming scheme
- Thanks to WebSurfer for the following fixes/changes:
+ fixed problem with filenames that contain apostrophe (')
+ fixed a problem with picasa images

Version 1.6.3 201.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

- took care of some "junk" files that were being created
- removed unused, duplicate or hidden files or folders
- got rid of a few error messages originating in progress_listener.js
- removed any variables that are not namespaced or aren't used
- removed the eval statement from getHostToUse
- tweaked the window properties for the help page
- added a definition for prefManager in progress_listener.js
- added contributors to the extension's contributor list
- added feature: remove duplicate links from multiple pages of links
- fixed logging feature
- speed up processing time by removing unncessary checks
- added prefManager as a global variable
- fixed the "skip file" feature
- fixed the timeout bug