Good app that needs work Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Conceptually, a brilliant idea, altho' the app needs filters, either self-learning (e.g., Intel(member of ALEC)igence should be filtered better) or an editable filter. In other words, the extension needs to be extensible. Again, a brilliant tool for educating readers.

hey thanks for the feedback. yes, i know, the add-on actually needs a ton of work. and that split you're mentioning with Intell(member...) is happening because of the browser load time, i believe. also, if people don't have enough RAM, it actually crashes most browsers. if you wouldn't mind messaging me info about your computer - mac/pc and the amount of ram you have i would be interested. thanks. and if you code, feel free to fork it. i think i linked to the github on the about page.
- allison