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Warum wurde "IE View" geschaffen?

I was building web apps back in the bad old IE6 days, and I'd spend hours viewing my work in Mozilla (this was pre-Firefox) before noticing that things didn't work right in IE. I threw together an add-on to make IE testing as simple as possible.

I didn't expect the weekend hack to be downloaded millions of times, nor translated into a variety of other languages. Certainly didn't expect it to still be *needed* all these years later.

Was kommt als nächstes für IE View

The next thing I plan to work on? Making IE View a "restartless" add-on, so installs and updates can proceed without shutting down Firefox.

Easier import/export of IE View settings would also be a nice addition, and likely to happen early in 2013.

Über den Entwickler

Name EmmaSawyers
Benutzer seit June 26, 2013
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