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Jivko Evgeniev

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Warum wurde "iAqua fox" geschaffen?

A couple of weeks ago I found the iAqua theme for Firefox 2 which was made by Twister MC.I really liked the nice and clean look and how this theme goes easy on peoples eyes.So I decided to go to it's homepage and see if the developer is going to update his theme.He said that he is not going to update it so I asked for permission to update it.Twister Mc gave me a green light and I started work on the next day.

I manage to finish the iAqua theme in 3 days thanks to the base I have made for the fox series and after that I uploaded it on the Firefox site.I see that people like it and I hope that it will have much bigger popularity.I want this theme for have at least 15 000 weekly downloads.For now it has somewhere around 5000. ;)

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Homepage http://web-goodies.net/firefox/index.html
Web Tuts http://web-goodies.net/

What's next?Future versions will support Firefox 14 and above.

Contributing will help to continue the support of all 10 themes which I own.How am I going to use the money?

1.Contributions help for faster future releases and faster bug fixes.In other words it's giving me motivation to work harder,fix bugs and add design improvements.

2.I'm running a 6 year old machine and right now I don't have the money to buy a new one.This one is really really slow I'd be nice to buy a new PC with Windows 7 so that I can test the themes.

3.Education:Education is important,right?Soon I'll be going to University and it'd be nice to invest more money in education.

Have a nice day! : )

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Name Jivko Evgeniev
Homepage http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
Benutzer seit January 12, 2009
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Homepage http://web-goodies.net/firefox/<br/>Web Tuts http://web-goodies.net/