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  • ist praktikabel
  • good
  • Need fixes!
  • Doesn't work with subdomain.
  • Plus d'un an que je m'en sers, module très utile qui renforce considérablement la sécurité de notre navigateur.
  • Moeilijk om te installeren
  • This should be a default setting turned on in every modern browser. Why is HTTP still a thing? This add-on is God send.
  • It works
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to, without any unnecessary bells and whistles that hog CPU/memory.
  • Used to work fine. Now the latest update wants to access all data among all site and their homepage and FAQ says nothing. So... no.

    There is more info for the highly technical at this link (thx roladog) but I am not one of those people.
  • Nice browser
  • does what it says it does
  • Not giving you access... such a bull shit update...
  • Делает страницы приватными
  • P.S. For anyone interested about the new permission requests, please visit the GitHub repository and check issue 16377; there's a very informative discussion there. In essence, due to two changes in a regular expression (it first matched all protocols, then only http+https, then http+https+ftp) Firefox decided to ask again for permissions. The permissions had been granted beforehand, but now Firefox decided it was sensible to ask again (when changing from http+https to http+https+ftp).
  • The question is why it begin to require to access whole web content now.
  • not working for me. some website still show as not encrypted if i don't manually add the "s" at the end of http
  • I was sure this is excellent extension. Till now. As without any explanation you (potentially) made it a new tool for spying users I decided to not upgrade it. I suggest to remove features which make necessary the newly requested permission. I definitely don't plan to allow for so wide access to my data.
    Response to comments of people who explain that this is the same as in many other extensions:
    Firstly, anyone concerned about privacy does not install extensions which needs so wide access to user data. Secondly, while some of extensions really do need this kind of permissions, THIS extension didn't - until now. If EFF has some new, better tool for us, then it can provide it as a new extension, so users can decide whether they want to sacrifice part of their privacy to have the tool.
  • What's wrong??? Why new permission? Do one thing and do it well please, if you still treat it as an extension.

    I'd advise you to only add new option to let users who need features requires it to manually give the permission to HTTPS Everywhere. :)
  • Not willing to give permissions over all web data!
  • For those fearing the new permission prompt, just open the addons.mozilla.org page for any of your other extensions you have, press Add to FF and read the box (then Cancel).
    Probably all have the "Access your data for all websites". Examples: AdBlock Plus, uBlock, VideoDownloadHelper, Disconnect, etc
  • After updated, use https to encrypt everything at transmission, and use "all permission" to collect the data from the local browser? Crazy?
  • works great!
  • what is with this permission to all access to website data!! not happening!!