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  • I like this add-on when it was working. Because it was such a good add-on but not is a not working in Firefox Nightly 55 and... it is disabled because it is not comparable with e10s.
    Please this add-on is disabled.. because it is not compatible with mulltiprocess. Please make this add-on compatible with mulltiprocess... so this add-on can be used. Thank you

  • Very useful!

  • 再起動するとセーフモードになってしまいます。

  • I set 10 days. But this Add-on doesn't work right.

  • It works. I really missed this feature which FF used to have. Thanks a lot!

  • It was really picky about how many days the limit had to be in order for it to do anything. Most times I just sat there, staring. I did get it to work at '14 days' and '1 day', but that was about it.

    My advice? Don't count on it, use 'Expire history by days' instead if you need reliability.

  • No, unfortunately, it doesn't work at all.

  • Installed. Restarted Firefox. Let Firefox idle for several minutes. Absolutely no change to Firefox history.
    Restarted and idled several more times. Still no effect.
    This extension gets a big Zero mark from me.

  • Point is, the wonderful developers fixed something that worked and this addon tries to remedy that. So thank you. But could you have it just run when you shutdown or startup? The idle time thing is finicky. I set it to 7 days and restarted for good measure. Waited 30 seconds or so. Still there. I changed it to 1 day, restarted and waited and it worked. Tested on wife's computer, worked fine at 30 days. First try.

    I had BSOD (blue screens of death) problems and didn't know what was wrong. I thought hardware. I deleted my history while getting ready to have a tech look at the machine after being unable to troubleshoot it myself. Like magic everything now works fine.

  • Thank you so much for this add-on. I really missed this feature.

  • The extensions doesn't work in my case.
    I set 90 days but then in History Library the folders like "Older than six months" are still here and full of pages.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    The cleaning is done when your Firefox is idle for 15 seconds. In order to activate this start firefox and then wait 15 seconds (don't touch the mouse, don't type anything, literally stare at it doing nothing).

    If this doesn't help, please contact me directly and I can help you get it working ( ejnovak@email.wm.edu )

    Please contact me so we can work on fixing this.

  • It works. Nuff said!

  • Good idea!