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David Fichtmueller

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Warum wurde "Histogram Viewer" geschaffen?

A view years ago I did an internship where I worked on the topic of image editing. During that time I really needed a simple way of showing the histogram of an image in the browser. However, there was no addon available which could do something like that. So I had to have the images and check them with another program which was a bit annoying. Several months later (my internship was already over), I wanted to look into addon development a bit further. So I started to make this addon. Even though I didn't need it so urgently anymore, it was still a good start for me into Firefox Addon development.

Was kommt als nächstes für Histogram Viewer

With the current version I implemented most of features I wanted to add to this addon. So I will see, how the users respond to the new version and what new features will be requested, that I haven't even thought of.

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Name David Fichtmueller
Homepage http://www.davidfichtmueller.de
Benutzer seit September 4, 2008
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