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Hide My Ass (HMA) is a simple, straight-forward Proxy tool.

While it might be the 'most popular,' this DOESN'T mean the best - and it really isn't.

If anyone interested in using a secure web proxy by now (SHOULD) doesn't know, on the Dark Web, the (purported) operator of SIlk Road (sort of the 'anti-Amazon') was, caught - because the communications he (thought) were secure, WEREN'T.

The reason? He was using HMA.

Also, if you don't wanna do a lot of research on which proxy server's good, btter, bst, check out most any (reputable) site offering reviews, or 'best' lists. HMA ISN'T listed.

It never makes me happy to say something isn't very good, and I always liked (the idea) of HMA, but, if you want a more secure proxy server, go elsewhere.

Listen; you can choose to either take my advice, or not - the ONLY one who (might) end up with problems ISN'T me.

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For someone who needs/wants the ability to use a proxy server instantly, on a site-specific basis, Hide My Ass (on Wyzo) works beautifully.

IF you're looking for a more robust solution - I'd say, use TOR, but, HMA allows through it's pre-configured options, any user to instantly anonymously view a website - either by adding 'hma_' before the address, or, by simply hitting the 'h' icon on the search bar.

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