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This extension stopped working for me with Firefox, but I've installed it for Pale Moon (25.1.0) and it works perfectly!

Does just what the name says. So glad to have this add-on working again.

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Works great in Palemoon 25.x

i waited but... Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

it just didn't work. Many extensions don't actually. But i don't blame their unpaid! writers: FF switched to a many small updates policy, which is murder to keep up with.
In fact [getting up on my soapbox here folks], extensions are a big part of why it has been losing ground to chrome, for the last two years.
Mozilla got spoiled, lazy, they take extensions for granted, a fatal over-dependence, because, like Mr. McAteer, they get tired [and nitpicked at!].
Mozilla is resembling Microsoft: they try to lure users with glitz features but never adequately address basics. [Earth to Mozilla: build in flash, adblock, wot, gestures, sandboxing, smooth scrolling, thumbnail preview etc. etc., or continue dying! Because extensions obsolete with new versions and people get tired.
Like me: the Fastforward/Rewind extension doesn't work with FF28 or 29, sob.

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Well this WAS an awesome add-on but has fallen into disrepair unfortunately... "FindBar Tweak" seems to be a rather nice replacement (thank you, Quicksaver aka Luís).

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My apologies to the developer, I was not able to find any way to contact you about this. However, since you mention in the description you've ceased work in the add-on, I don't think this review is overstepping in any way.

Obviously, from the developer's own words in the description, this add-on is no longer maintained. And as other have already mentioned, it will break completely in future versions of Firefox.

I have written my own add-on, called "FindBar Tweak", which has similar timeout and hiding features. Although these features are not exactly the same, they work as a great substitute which ensures compatibility with future versions of Firefox. I would invite everyone to switch to FBT instead of this add-on.

I'm sorry for the spam, but I believe my add-on now becomes a necessary alternative to Hide Find Bar, which will stop working completely in the very near future.

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It's not working on FF 26 and FF 27 (current nightly) with the new find bar.

Otherwise this is a great extension for previous versions.

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Great little helper. It really bugged me to esc-key out of the find bar all the time or to have it sit there and waste screen space. Unfortunately I kept looking for a plug-in to hide the "search bar" not the "find bar". So happy to finally have found it.

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I am not using "search for text when I start typing", so I always had to press Ctrl+F to focus the find bar, then ESC to hide it. Countless times over the last years.

I am happy that I finally found this extension. 5 stars for saving my time!

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Very, very functional and convenient.

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Still works like a charm for me on Firefox 16.0.1

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Works great. Sometimes the "Quick Find" may become unavailable because of this add-on, but it's no big deal, coz I don't even use quick find. "Qucik Find" actually redundant when using this Great add-on.

Good idea, but it obstructs "Quick Find". Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I like the idea of hiding the Find bar automatically. But it has a big drawback. After this add-on is installed on my Firefox 9.0.1, "Quick Find" only works the first time I type in a Firefox session. From the second time onward, the "Quick Find" bar no longer appears.

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I never understood why Ctrl+F didn't toggle the Find Bar visibility state. Hide Find Bar does exactly what it says it will do!

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great add-on and like others said it should be implemented natively in firefox. thank you.

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Excellent extension! Helps me keeping my firefox streamlined. Unfortunately, there is an annoying flaw: Whenever the find bar is hidden, the page loses keyboard focus. I could not access the support page in order to file a bug, so i reported it here. Sorry for that.

1.3.3 should fix your annoyance. Please try the support email link in the future. Cheers.

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This addon deserves to be integrated directly into Firefox. Very useful!

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Extremely smart :)

Good gob and thank you !

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Good one

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Exactly what is needed!! Yes. I hate having to go back their and X it out.
Thanks for it!

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You simply want the find bar to disappear after a search. And this add-on does simply that. So it is simply perfect.

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