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I loved this theme when I had 3.5 but now that 3.6 and 4.0 are out I would like to see this theme upgraded if you could.

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I looooooooooove this theme and it's the only one I use... can u please make this for the 3.6 version of FF?? Please?!

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Nice skin, dark but clear !
i like the weeeeed :-)


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I really, really like this theme. My only suggestion would be to make the font size in the URL window, the Google search window and the Tab titles smaller, say same size as the menu bar titles.

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i really love the theme, but i have a few issues. first off it needs more contrast. i can barely see which tab is active unless i have my screen tilted the right way, and all of the lights turned off. the active tab should really jump out at you and right now it doesn't stand out at all. i have a similar problem with the scrollbar. it's just kinda brown on brown and sometimes if i'm looking at a really long page it's hard to find the bar. i like the patterns and all, but again it's a contrast issue. i mean, i can see the bar and all, but i actually have to divert my attention and look for it. maybe if the leaves on the scrollbar background were green instead of brown, it'd be easier to see the bar. dunno, just throwin' it out there.

also, it's kinda minor but, the big giant search button, with the kanji on it and the wave gif that plays on mouseover, it's cool and all, and if you insist upon putting it in your theme i really can't stop you, but i can't say that it adds a whole lot. it's not even really a minor annoyance, just kinda throws me off a little, but not a huge problem.

but yeah if you fix the contrast issues with the tabs and scrollbar, i'd definitely give it 5 stars.

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Brilliant mike. Fai un spino!

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Thankyou for changing the status bar...now that's MUCH better !! I can live with that. YOU ARE AN ARTIST ! Thanks again...I'm now using it.........

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Loved the top of this theme....but sadly I could not live with what's going on in the status bar...sorry, I tried but had to uninstall it. Great theme apart from the status bar................

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Aloha dave2,
I updated the theme to version 3.2 & changed the statusbar progressmeter from the spinning block on an animated rainbow to a hemp rope background with a progressmeter that is a simple leaf that looks like the home button.

Thank you very much for the constructive criticism. I do not always agree with criticism of my themes, but in your case I totally agree. The old statusbar was a remnant from my very flashy Hemperor theme. I tried to make Hemperor textile edition less flashy & easier on the eyes.