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  • For those who were seeking a replacement for this add-on, I've made a userstyle for Stylish intended to achieve a similar effect. Perhaps future changes in Firefox will eventually break it, but for now it works.

  • Please update add-on for Firefox 29 )))
  • Please, support Firefox 29+. The new UI is awful without any integration with the system theme.
    Please Update
  • Отличный аддон.
    С нетерпением ждем обновления для ФФ 29+
  • I kind of refuse to use firefox without this addon. 29+ Looks /awful/ on dark linux themes http://i.imgur.com/MJRKJOF.png

    A user shouldn't have to change their entire OS theme just to make one program (albeit, the most important one,) look bearable.
  • Only problem is it doesn't support the app tab notification feature. Here's some CSS code I use in the Stylish extension to add that back, feel free to use:

    .tabbrowser-tab[pinned][titlechanged]:not([selected="true"]) > .tab-stack:before {
    content: "" !important;
    display: block !important;
    margin: -6px -6px -3px -6px !important;
    background-image: radial-gradient(circle farthest-corner at 50% 3px, rgba(233,242,252,1) 3%, rgba(172,206,255,.75) 40%, rgba(87,151,201,.5) 80%, rgba(87,151,201,0)) !important;
  • When switching between app tabs and normal tabs, the menu bar jumps around (the height changes).
    System: Arch Linux, MATE DE, Marco WM, Firefox 27.0.1
    GTK 3: Elementary Dark
  • Funciona perfeitamente até mesmo com temas GTK escuros e menos famosos. Parabéns ao desenvolvedor.

    Seria interessante um tema assim para o Opera tbm :/
  • nice glade it got updated for my 22.0
    I have been using this for a while(while i could, with a stint with mini fox till this got updated) and find it nice to keep firefox in line with my theme.
  • I like it.
  • Works in FF 25.0a1, arch linux 64 bit, xfce 4.8, blackbird theme.
    You just have to change the line, in the install.rdf file that is into the .xpi file of the extension (it's a zip file) to something above your actual version, like :

    Compact files again, and install the extension without any problems. Works like a charm.
  • please fix for the FF21
  • Still 5 stars because it'll be great when it works again :-)
  • Bretty nice overall but it breaks the inspect element menu. Unacceptable.
  • thank you works like charm.
    finally i similar tabs all over ubuntu
  • Thank you very much for your addon, now firefox looks very good with QtCurve themes too.

    However, I think you should add to TODO list Panel-based_Download_Manager support.
    More information here:

  • works perfectly on linuxmint 14 mate edition. it takes the gtk themes set in mate(similar to gnome2)..have to try it in a gnome3 distro..
  • Would give five stars but doesn't work in Firefox 17. Please fix.
  • Excellent addon, makes firefox look like it should.

    Only problem is the "Lock" icons that mozzila has introduced to indicate that the page is secure are not displaying for me.
    I use linuxmint 12 with cinnamon (gnome 3 based) and am running firefox 15 (had the same issue with 14).
  • I just found out that this is my favourite add-on for ff.
    I updated to ff15, but GTK+ Native was incompatible with this version and I realised that ff is very ugly without it (I use dark GTK theme). Please, fix it soon.
    Maybe later it will be merged with ff sources and ff will have your GTK theme by default.
  • This is great; it clashes with my Colourful Tabs addon, though. [Having my GTK theme is more important, though, so thanks!]
  • This theme appears to do exactly what it says: provide reasonably good GTK+ theme integration for Firefox.
    Personally, I'm using it in KDE with Oxygen-GTK, and it looks much better than before.
  • This issue of Firefox not matching my GTK theme is the one thing that kept Firefox from being my primary browser. Thank you so much for this indispensable add-on!
  • Works great with GTK3 and Gnome 3.2, I am very happy with this addon.