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  • good
  • The best out of Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, and Violentmonkey.
  • need grasemonkey
  • 功能强大,赞
  • very useful tool for the YouTube
  • Nad míru spokojen.
  • Why is this even still available??? Without the "new user script" option working (which it is not) the entire thing is completely useless as there is no way to add a script which is the entire purpose of installing Greasemonkey. It has been this way for many months now, possibly a year or more....yet the author has updated as recently as September 7? What the hell???
  • La mejor extensión para editar, crear y eliminar JavaScript de una web. Permite crear plantillas para sitios, cambiando el comportamiento completamente. Ideal para desarrolladores.
  • good
  • Intel map stopped work
  • boy aprobar
  • Can't even get it to load. Firefox already installed I don't need 6 more additions.
  • It is very useful.

    While after I upgraded Firefox from 45.9ESR to 60.2ESR, the Greasemonkey upgraded to the latest version too, then I can not find the scripts manage entrance at about:addons page.

    Where i can manage the installed scripts ?
  • I can not create a new user script. From popup menu "New user script..." not work!
  • blz
  • solo complimenti...
  • :)
  • It works on mobile, the edit view needs more love =)
  • Works, but doesn't auto-update scripts.
    Using Tampermonkey instead now and it works equally as good + I get updates for scripts.

  • Update 4.6 version delete all my script! :( There are currently 0 userscript installed!
  • can not be able to export the backup on the android version of firefox
  • Ultra facile à installer et permet vraiment de ne plus être agressé par les pubs, du moins pour les sites que je fréquente. Merci bien au développeur
  • Muito bom.