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  • gooood
  • Promin asks how cool is this theme?
    -5 star cool
  • Beautiful, glossy yet unintrusive browser.
    Large buttons, cool finishing, looks good, works well.
    Used it happily for five years.
    Please update.
  • this was the best theme out there was using it since I started using FF obviously had to stop a couple years back would be nice if someone with the know-how could take over the project or atleast make something similar I miss this theme it was perfect.
  • Would be nice if I didn't have to delay Firefox updates until it becomes completely unstable while waiting for this add-on to become compatible.

    Been going through this for years.

    Moving on.
  • Really wanted this theme to.
  • it appears this theme is dead - no longer supported or updated despite numerous requests.
  • From the day I first got my computer in 2008 until the day the FF4 was released and I upgraded, I used this theme and only this theme... and totally loved it. But since upgrading, I haven't been able to use it, and now we're on FF5, and still no upgrade... :( I even switched to Personas instead of having to use a different theme!
  • I love this add on and made a nice contribution after downloading it on my second pc. I love this add on. How ever it does not work with fire fox 4. I am actually thinking about rolling back my fire fox just so I can use this add on. Very pleasant to look at. And I have found no others that come close to this one. I do hope it makes it's way to the new fire fox soon.
  • perfect theme, unfortunately had to stop using it since ff4. Update soon? Thanks
  • Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Uptate this Theme for Firefox 4 pleassssseeeee ,, i loveee this themee
  • one of the best Themes...but
    will there be an Update for Firefox 4 ???

    that would be great!!
  • I love it too! :)

    For 4.0?... 0:-)
  • This is one of the best themes i have seen an i am using it for more than an year now..
  • Good looking theme.
  • Great theme, even though I do not use it, I consider it awesome. 5 out of 5!
  • Couldn't get it to work properly. Showing multiple rows of navigation buttons. Looked super nice though before I had to uninstall it. On a PowerPC still so it might be that I'm guessing.
  • Is nice... Fission progress bar could use a bit of brightening, thought. Maybe a black-to-blue gradient.
  • I'd really like to try out 1.2.1, but Mozilla is taking forever to review it and regardless of the version I choose at the version history screen, it always installs 1.2.0. :P

    Anyway, I've been a user of Gradient iCool for a number of years, now. It's hands down the best theme for Firefox available!
  • It looks great and is very sleek. I would only suggest increasing the font size just a little for the tool-bars and menus for user friendliness.
  • Thanks alot man now i can't open my firefox
  • Best theme out there!

    Any ETA for a FF 4.0b1 version?
  • It is beautiful and I like it a lot, but the text is too small and I can't use it. Pity.

    The text is distorted, but this is not too bad. It is a mistake making text display in such a small size. I bet anyone over 30 yo will have more or less problems reading. Is there an acceptable justification for this error? If this id ever corrected it will be one of the very best, no doubt.
  • It is beautiful and I like it a lot, but the resxt is too small and I can't use it. Pity.

    If this will be corrected it will be one of the bet
  • This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing theme currently available for Firefox, and I have been using it for a year at least. Thanks a lot!