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Why on Earth do developers take away useful functionality and not leave in an option for those that use it. Please, oh please, add back the functionality to automatically have the cursor change when you're over text. I get that I can just drag and it'll change modes, but the hand cursor is absolutely useless for determining where the selection is going to start.

This is an incredibly useful plugin, made much more useless by having removed that small but significant detail.

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I agree 100% that this would be a good option to have, and I've looked into adding it on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, it seems to be surprisingly difficult to make Firefox do this in a consistent, unobtrusive manner. If you must have the text selection cursor, you can choose "Default cursor" as your mouse cursor in the "More options" tab of the options menu, but you won't have the hand then. Or, you can make do with the hand icon and just remember that the text selection always begins at the tip of the middle finger of the hand.