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  • Is there any alternative for Firefox 60 Quantum?
  • Pls let us know if u will make this for new firefox available, i would like it again as i had it in old one. Thx.
  • y para FF 7.0.1?????
  • It is unfortunate that is not available for Firefox 5, is one of the extensions that I like.
  • Addon does work in FF5
  • muy bueno lástima q no esté actualizado
  • Needs ability to create and save playlist for Youtube videos.
  • С FF4 работает нормально. Что не нравится АМО непонятно. )
  • I miss this almost every single minute. I was so used to it that even after all this time w/ FF4 I still unconsciously look for it, only to realize it's not there!
    Please update...

    (a googletube addict)
  • Jesus Christ! Say something users? Is it working for you too as for me?
    I haven't post images because I have no time.
    But now... Look...

  • Please update is essential add-on to Firefox 4. Thank you very much.
  • The information is somewhat missleading. The player does not play the video(s) found on the page your looking at from the page, in the player. You have to search for those to play them. No option for doing this either. It does however play videos in its player and the player can be moved anywhere you want it. It is not an 'embeded' object in the page your looking it, you can move it next to your browser and continue surfing while watching the video you desire. Would be nice if the author offered an option to play the videos found on the page your looking it, in the player though.
  • I really enjoy GoogleTube. The problem I ran into and it could be my problem alone is if I try to share the video I am watching it shares the app and not the video. I am typically watching thing I want to share with my friends.
  • great but sometime no use
  • This works great, but has for me one major fault: I need to manually start each video. What I'd love is to do a search, then have the options to let all the results play. That would make this fantastic. But if I have to start each file manually, then it gets frustrating very quickly.
  • I originally liked the idea but I removed it because it should support more search engines. I am especially down on Google so that was a big strike.
  • I've just installed it, ans it works very well for the mini player, wich is quite usefull.
    However, when I googled a video, the info feature worked well, but when I tried to download the video, it failed. In fact, a window opened to ask me where to save the .flv file, and the download started, but ended (statuing "complete") immediatly, with a 0B file (that can't even be found on the computer). Is there a special way to do it, or is the "get video" script not working anymore ??

    Anyway, very good a daon, except for this problem
  • I Give up.

    I tried to give it another go, I really did. I hate giving bad reviews!

    This used to be great, now it's not. When I open the player it opens a gray window literally twice the size of my 22 inch monitor...and that's it.

    It does this on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine no matter what. It does it with all extensions disabled, and it does it on my 2 day old fresh install of Ubuntu with practically nothing else on it. This happens in FF 3.6.3 and 3.6.6 (yes, I tried both).

    I am not going to file any kind of other complaint because before this happened GoogleTube was becoming increasingly unresponsive, as in taking Minutes to open from the status bar, and after emailing a detailed description of my problem via the link on this page I never received a response. I also find no links to any type of support whatsoever.

    Thumbs down. Uninstalled. (Again.)

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    Hello Deadite81,
    We're sorry you have some problem with GoogleTube.
    This is a known issue with GoogleTube in Ubuntu 10.04.
    We'll release a fixed version very soon.
    Thank you.
  • I love this plugin! I use it all the time! One request that I have is the ability to display HD movies in there full size. Sometimes I want the video frame to be bigger than then "large" mode but smaller than fullscreen.

    Or is just possible to make the screen sizeable? I'm not sure what that would include to develop.
  • Großartig
  • Love the idea of it, and it's lightweight and fun.

    Just two small feature requests:

    - Auto-loop current video? I'm surprised nobody asked for this one, maybe it's there and I'm too stupid to see it?

    - Make the taskbar entry optional. I know some people love it, I don't, but I don't want to use the "new tab" option, it's ugly. So just let me choose if I want a taskbar entry created for that window.

    Thanks again for this great extension!
  • What a great add on.
    Web browsing gets simpler and more logical thanks to software like this.
    For too long browsing has been like driving a car without a steering wheel.
    Add ons like this mean I can get to where I want to without even thinking.
    Fancy creating the world wide web without a steering wheel.
  • i like this add to watch youtube videos, listen to music, etc....
  • I used this a lot until recently, it appears that the icon that appeared at the right hand side at the bottom of the browser has dissapeared. I've uninstalled and installed but nothing appears. Any ideas?
  • There is Flysms to do the same and send the YouTube video by MMS...