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  • there is no googlebar lite extension for the update firefox 60. need this
  • très pratique pour rechercher des passages dans de longs pavés. Un fabuleux outil de recherche, le meilleur que je connaisse.

    Je trouve ça fort regrettable qu'à ce jour et depuis maintenant un long moment, rien ne semble encore avoir été mis en œuvre pour adapter ce module à la dernière version de Firefox, ou bien de lui trouver un successeur digne de ce nom.
  • for me, this is the most wanted extension
  • please revive it !
  • The toolbar has stopped working correctly in Firefox Legacy 56.02 whereas it was working fine.
    (Cannot update higher due to incompatible extensions)
    Clicking the Search button doesn't perform any search, but other features like Word Find seem ok.
    Hey Mozilla, thanks for ruining all the best things about Firefox!
  • Please, please, please, bring back this fantastic extension! There is no replacement for it, with other addons or even other browsers you can't synchronize the search bar with google, perform word-by-word in-page search and highlighting. We had this feature for the decades and now it's gone (( Indeed, the world became a crazy place now
  • When will this be compatible with the latest FF?
    I really do need this one, the world is worse now :(
  • Echt super tolles Add-on. Hab es schon seit einer Ewigkeit installiert. Leider ist es nicht kompatibel mit Firefox 57. Ich hoffe das der Entwickler es kompatibel zu Quantum macht. Bitte ein Update für WebExtensions. Danke
  • Merci pour cette qui permet d'avoir un historique et d'un accès plus facile,
    merci encore
  • So awesome to search words on a page. Will there be an update for FF57?
  • Anch'io ho usato per anni questa Googlebar, efficace per illuminare le parole ricercate e per trovarle velocemente nei siti. La funzione CTRL+F funziona con una sola parola alla volta. Mozilla perché non integri questa funzione nel browser?
  • This toolbar was one of the reason I loved Firefox. I miss it. Can't live without it !
    I appreciate the ability to quickly search in phe page the words I used in the search engine.
  • Merci jonah-bishop pour votre barre d'outil. Et Merci à Waterfox de lui permettre de survivre. C'est vraiment dommage que vous ne la mettiez plus à jour . Au bout de 5 ans sans mise à jour il y a encore 15464 utilisateurs.
  • can't live without this toolbar. It saved me when the original disappeared. Had to downgrade when FF 57 didn't support it.
  • Just what I need for fast browsing. I use this kind of toolbar for more than 10 years in IE and FF. [strike]Turned back to 56 as it is not working in 57 and I can't find a subsstitute[/strike]

    Solved this problem bij upgrading to WaterFox.
  • Need to be compatible with fire fox latest version
  • i use it all the time, search for a term in google and then search for the words on the found page sadly it's not compatible with FF Qantum (i can only hope it will get updated)
  • Clickable and highlighted search words is sooo useful!!!
    Was, actually: stopped working with FF 57... (alternatives are welcome)
  • google lite bar is not working properly... not showing up in the toolbar below
  • Ich hoffe, es wird FF57 tauglich!
  • Will this add-on be ready for Firefox 57?
  • I've been using this for years. I especially like two features: opening the search results in a new tab; and using Shift+Enter to search the current site. The standard search bar has neither of these features.

    Anyone who knows anything about developing FF extensions: please take over the support of this. Pretty please.
  • but unfortunately will not work any longer with FF 57 as the website indicates that “This extension is no longer officially supported” :-(
  • I am very sad!
    It doesn't work since Firefox 52.. :-(
  • The options dialog no longer works with the latest Firefox version, 52. Please fix !