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  • Maybe you could add the possibility to add links to the google profile.
  • The only thing it needs is to be able to right click on them to open in a new tab or whatever your desire.
    Please use the middle mouse button or the CTRL key while clicking on an icon to open it in a new tab.
  • Great! Please add Google+
  • This add-on could easily replace the Google Toolbar, which is no longer supported for Firefox by Google. Just add this one minor fix and it's perfect:
    Have little drop-down arrows next to Gmail and Google Calendar- so we can preview the most recent Gmails and calendar events -as now found on the Google Toolbar.
  • one of my favorite add-ons and one of the most useful. but please update for the newest version of firefox! :)
  • DAMN, you're the cutest developer I've ever seen!!! yum
    Thanks ;-*
  • Perfect!
  • 非常齊全,還有逐項介紹,又能自訂顯示方式(下拉/按鈕列),完全好用!
  • Please add a google+ shortcut.
    And the google dict is no longer available,please remove that shortcut
  • will this extension be updated to work with beta versions of Firefox ? 7/8/9 ? or is there a hack to make it work ?
  • Един наистина страхотен и удобен адон. Откакто махнах Toolbar-а на Google, този адон ми върши прекрасна работа.
  • I don't see anyone else complaining about the mandatory text in addition to icons, so I'm wondering if I've missed "Icons only" in the settings somewhere. Text is space-hungry, cluttering to the eye, and irritating. Also, the Google Highlighter is missing altogether - this means I still have to have Googlebar Lite on the toolbar. Another absentee is a dropdown box for Google Favourites, rather than opening the awful Google Favourites page. I really should dock 3 stars for those "flaws" because it means I still can't get Firefox set up with an economical (in space) and functional toolbar.

    However, this must be a godsend to those who use a lot more of Google services than I do.
  • great stuff, been using for some time now. hope to see Music Beta included soon too, thanks !
  • Very neat and useful. Thanks!
  • Very nice, but i'd like to see Google+ and Music Beta added also please :)
  • Yes, I second that - would love to have G+ added
  • Very good, but add google+!!!
  • This Add On is nothing special, just links with tiny icons. But useful for all users of different Google Products
  • This is awesome if you use a lot of Google's services. I installed it after Google dropped support for the Google Toolbar in FF5. A must have add-on.
  • This is one of my top ten plug-ins for sure. I use it everyday.

    I'm sure you're probably already working on it but, some Google+ shortcuts would be great.

  • This is definitely one of the best and most useful add-ons that I have ever used. I have never had any issues with it causing problems or not functioning. Fantastic! I love anything that saves me space.
  • Fantastic for us Google Apps users. I'm a fan of minimizing excess mouse clicks when possible.
  • Great add-on especially the ability to make custom buttons for other bookmarks. This allows you to make your bookmarks look like other buttons. However, there is a slight bug in that when minimized it removes the scroll bars both up down and sideways. If that can be fixed then it would be perfect.
  • I hated it that every time I upgraded my firefox I would loose my google toolbar. Problem solved when I switch to firefox 5 with google shortcuts!!!
  • It's nice to have my favorite Google services a drop-down away. I didn't even know about many of them. This is valuable for those that want to shave mouse clicks off their navigation. Thanks!