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  • i've been wanting a FF Add-on just like this! Thanks for inventing and sharing with the world. Your work is much appreciated each time I use this tool that is, well, useful!
  • convenient add on worth downloading
  • Wonderful clutter-reducer for the G-cloud folks! Might want to save clicks by changing your about:config setting for this tool to: de.soerenrinne.googlebuttons.openDropdownOnHover;true
  • beware! since updating to 2.0.8 version, when i scroll through the shortcut options, the google admanager automatically adds inself to the list of choices for shortcuts. who needs this? isn't this what we're trying to stay away from? bah!
    Please report bugs on the website, not in the reviews. http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/issues/list
  • Lovely app!
    Give us a cherry on top: a menu which drops down when the cursor hovers over the toolbar icon. One click is always better than 2.
    Come, get your cherry ;) That feature has been implemented in the newest beta version. Check out the beta channel or http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/downloads/list
  • Works awesome on 3.6.6, but would like a version for 4.0 beta. Thanks.
  • With this add-on, sometimes my google connexion is "reinitialized" and i can not connect. It happened with google and documents. I uninstalled google shortcuts and everything is back to normal. So, I am better without it.
  • I did miss some gServices in my bookmarks. This is nice and compact.
  • I did miss some gServices in my bookmarks. This is nice and compact.
  • Tried it some time ago. Nice but nothing else than my folder i have in my bookmarksbar, only prettier. For me it is missing some links like Google Buzz or Profile. I know that i can access Buzz via Gmail but one click less is one click less.
    Buzz and Profile is already included. Did you take a look at the settings to add other services?
  • Works well enough, but very fugly icons. Can we get some AA and BIGGER icons please?
  • And I tried all the prescribed fixes also.. srry about the double post
    Hi duck075, seems not to be a problem of the extension. Please try to make a new profile in FF and install the extension in the new profile. If this does not help, feel free to open a ticket at http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/issues/list
  • It was my most used add on until the latest update. It stopped working with the latest update. I tried all of fixes available. It seems to not want to install. I've restarted firefox a bunch of times and it still comes up with a this extension will be installed after firefox restarts.
  • It was very useful for as long as it worked. Suddenly, the icon disappeared, although the add-on is still installed. Very weird...
    Please add it manually as stated here: http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/w/list
  • i like this add-on..very easy to use
  • The one Feature Request I have for you is potentially easy: add an option to move the extension to the Status Bar. This would enable me to have a really, really clean setup and would be AWESOME. :)
  • Well thank you, I have installed this Google Shortcuts addons
  • je viens de l'installer et je regrette déjà, c tout en anglais, trop compliqué
  • Google shortcuts allowed me mobile access to my adsense, adwords, docs, gmail, and gcal while on my iPhone. Using the Always on PC VNC app I can run Mozilla Firefox and perform vital google functions that I have not found an alternative for. Highly recommended for mobile users who want convenient access to the google suite from their mobile device.
  • glad i discovered this great add-on! it is one of my very favorites. as far as complaints about it updating often, i am glad that it does. means the developer is staying on top of his game-adding to and tweaking his product. a1 for sure.
  • don't like my data been sent to Google so I recommend not using Google tools
    It's good to know, that you are aware of your data, but this rating is meant for the tool itself, not for Google storing your data. So, please rate fair next time.
  • Great add-on. But it's updating almost everyday.
  • I love it !
    Thanks ! :)
  • Love shortcuts that work!
  • Works, but apparently there's updates everyday, which unproductive. Lots of bugs.
    If you encounter any bug, please report it here: http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/issues/list

    The updates are mostly done to add new Google services, not because of instability or bugs.