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  • I have firefox ver 3.6.12 and recently downloaded the Google shortcuts add on. I really like the new Google icon set and the modified effect for toolbar button. I recommend it because it saves time too!!
  • I liked this add-on a lot. Very useful to have all the Google apps in one place. Then, problems. I downloaded the Firefox 4.0 Beta, didn't like it and removed it. When I went back to Firefox 3.6, Google Shortcuts had disappeared from the browser-but it still showed in Add-ons. I uninstalled, then installed it again, but the same thing happened. It still shows in the Add-ons box, but not on the toolbar or anywhere else. No idea what the problem is. Changing Settings does no good either. Frustrating.
  • really useful for facebook developers
  • Huge timesaver and very clean application as well.
  • Clap ! Clap ! Clap ! excellent
  • Works now
  • Не даёт указать имя новой ссылке, хотя выбрать иконку для неё можно. Странно. Многоуровневость не поддерживает. А в остальном - прекрассный аддон.
    Do not give to name the new link, but to choose an icon for it can be. Strange. Multilevel does not support. And the rest - is perfectly addon.
    Thanks for your comment. Changing also the name has been added to newest beta version. Please install that one.
  • Great addon. But to be honest, if you are a firefox power user keyword shortcuts/bookmarks are an easy access to your most used sites
  • nice all google apps in one pull down
  • Handy!
  • The icons disappear after installing the new update
    Please fix it^^
    Please take a look at our wiki (http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/w/list) or post a new issue: http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts-lite-for-chrome/issues/entry
  • Good addon. I like how I can pick the services I'm using and have only those on my list.
  • Quite useful indeed!
  • Sublime extension !
    Grand utilisateur des service Google, c'est une Addon parfaite!
    Great Addon !
    Major user of Google, this addon is perfect!
  • Who wouldn't want mobile access to adsense, adwords, docs, gmail, and gcal while on an iPhone? Using the Always on PC VNC app I can run Mozilla Firefox and perform vital google functions that I have not found an alternative for. Highly recommended for mobile users who want convenient access to the google suite from their mobile device
  • Very useful. Highly recommend it for the Google-addict.
  • This add-on makes life so much easlier as all your needed Google services are at the click of a button. If have a Google account and use many of their services it really does save time.
  • Love it! Great tool and very easy to use.

    Additionally, the developer is fantastic and quick to respond, too. I had a problem w/ it and submitted a ticket. They worked with me to get it resolved, over a couple of days. :)
  • Quite good though the icon could be a bit better designed
  • saves my time
  • Seamlessly integrates access to my Google services into the FireFox 4. Well done, great addon!.

    Working great here across two Windows 7 x64 machines and a Ubuntu 10.4 installation.
  • i've been wanting a FF Add-on just like this! Thanks for inventing and sharing with the world. Your work is much appreciated each time I use this tool that is, well, useful!
  • convenient add on worth downloading
  • Wonderful clutter-reducer for the G-cloud folks! Might want to save clicks by changing your about:config setting for this tool to: de.soerenrinne.googlebuttons.openDropdownOnHover;true
  • beware! since updating to 2.0.8 version, when i scroll through the shortcut options, the google admanager automatically adds inself to the list of choices for shortcuts. who needs this? isn't this what we're trying to stay away from? bah!
    Please report bugs on the website, not in the reviews. http://code.google.com/p/google-shortcuts/issues/list