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  • Fantastic for us Google Apps users. I'm a fan of minimizing excess mouse clicks when possible.
  • Great add-on especially the ability to make custom buttons for other bookmarks. This allows you to make your bookmarks look like other buttons. However, there is a slight bug in that when minimized it removes the scroll bars both up down and sideways. If that can be fixed then it would be perfect.
  • I hated it that every time I upgraded my firefox I would loose my google toolbar. Problem solved when I switch to firefox 5 with google shortcuts!!!
  • It's nice to have my favorite Google services a drop-down away. I didn't even know about many of them. This is valuable for those that want to shave mouse clicks off their navigation. Thanks!
  • Works very well with google apps and not one crash since I downloaded it last week. Good job
  • excellent.. love it
  • This addon would be perfect if it also displayed updates on the icons for reader and gmail. Please add this feature with options for frequency of checks for updates.
  • using Google more and more so this app can very handy. Worked perfectly until I changed the default configuration. I wanted to add another Google app already in the list and a personal link. Then nothing - doesn't show any more in the and even after de-install + re-install (with reboot of PC) No other software nor app was installed. When re-installing the app finds my previous config.... yep, the one that doesn't work.
    Too bad, really loved this app, hope it will get fixed
  • When I first installed this add-on on my laptop (win 7) I was so excited about its fantastic features and that it would really help me to organize Google bookmarks. So, I installed it on my office desktop (Ubuntu 10.04). But one day after installing this, I got the same problem with my Firefox in both computers. I couldn't watch videos anymore. I had problem displaying videos from Youtube or Facebook. I couldn't figure it out what was wrong. But my conclusion was that this add-on caused the problem. To solve the problem I had to delete my personalized profile and create a new one :(
  • Great!
    All kinds of stuff that I don't use. The menu is kind of cumbersome but whatever. I managed to find what I wanted and it makes the toolbar much more functional.
    If the shortcuts genie could grant me a wish or three, it would be to have more custom buttons. That'd be neat.
  • Great, love it.
  • Great add-on. I install Google toolbar just for its buttons, but even the toolbar doesn't have Google Reader. Now I can get rid of the toolbar and use this cleaner setup. Thanks. Great job.
  • i like it now i delete google toobar.
  • I cant see this add on, please help
  • Very pleasantly surprised. Very useful for those who do hours of research.
    Google's own menu is crap- this greatly expands Google's usefulness.
    To be honest- Google should be giving these guys money.
  • I don't see it, or can find it?
  • Very pleased with this add-on but not for the obvious reasons of adding Google shortcuts but for the ability to add shortcuts to other web locations and even html pages on your local PC. It would be great if it were possible to rename the custom buttons to something that means something and (finally) to be able to add applications (like Outlook, for example). If it had all these features it would be the killer toolbar app that makes all the others redundant! Nice work!!
  • I'm an avid Google user, so I absolutely LOVE this add-on. Working flawlessly in 4.0.My FAVORITE FEATURE, though, is the ability to create custom buttons. I wish there was a way to modify the description of custom buttons, though. For instance, when you mouseover the button, the dialog displays the name and then "This is a custom button."It would be nice to have the ability to modify the custom description as well. Keep up the good work!
  • 昨天把这个扩展升级了,今天在浏览器的地址栏这边找不到这个扩展的图标了,不知道怎么调整出来了,无语!
  • recommended!!!
  • ...
  • for thanks plugin
  • Please update as soon as possible!
  • > Sure, just go to the settings of the extension, go to the advanced tab and set the label position to your needs.

    Yes, I already know about this setting but unfortunately it works only for "Show buttons" -> (o) On Toolbar. And I wish to use "Show buttons" -> (o) As Dropdown Menu to put single "Google Shortcuts" button on the standard Navigation toolbar plus label under the picture on this single button. Is this hard to implement?