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Since rise of technology through internet & development of new applications in the dynamic world we live in, 1 name that come to mind is Google, my favorite add-on goes beyond offerings more than others to simpfly my lifestyle, most of the time I heavily enjoy using services Google offers, commonly used Gmail, Search Engine, Google Maps, Google Docs, Image Search, but I stepped further to experience what Google adds to my life. It makes browsing & searching easier on the web with Product Search, Google Maps, It also organizes my life with use of Calendar, Google Docs &Google Drive. It also makes communication easier for me and everyone through; Voice chat, Google Circles, Gmail, It keeps me up to date with use of Google Alerts, SMS Channels, and Google news
Google Setting shortcuts: enable me to customize my choice based on my preference and usage from list on services I frequently use, with simple click on icon / click from drop down list. I consider this add-on as treasure coated with Google services that makes everyone wealthier and simplifies life, if put in use on day to day lifestyle, This ADD-ON acts as one click to diverse Google services.

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