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  • Thanks! Just what i was missing for my switch from Chrome to Firefox
  • Does not work for me. I gave it 3 stars because it seems to work for everyone else. I'm on FF 67.0.3, OSX 10.11.6. I made sure I had no Google scripts enabled, and no other Google-related addons enabled. If it's hiding, I can't find it. If something is preventing it from working, I haven't found that either.

    UPDATE: Version 20.2.13. I updated this morning, but before that I was on the most recent version. What does work for me? You mean other addons? Most of the addons I used regularly are no longer usable on Quantum, but a few that I use regularly are Quantum Coffee, Bookmark Organizer, Session Boss and Firefox Color. Stylish works, but I've disabled all the scripts in case one of them was causing this problem. I haven't tried disabling all addons yet, but I have turned off everything I don't use regularly and/or seems likely to conflict. Nothing Google-related is turned on. Other than the little Google Apps grid that everyone has, there is nothing on the Google page, nothing in my toolbar, nothing available in the customization screen to add to my toolbar, nothing in the search bar and nothing in the overflow menu. There is nothing to click. I realize the problem is probably something I have control of, but I'm stumped.

    FINAL UPDATE: No idea why, but after updating the last time I finally have access and Firefox and works great. It doesn't appear in my Waterfox, but I realize that's probably not even on your radar. Good addon. Thank you!!
    Can you please provide more information? What extension version do you have? What does work for you? Do you see the toolbar icon in the top right? Does it open something when you click it?
  • All google apps , better then in chrome
  • Been looking for something like this for ages. Really lovely addon. Thank you very much.
  • Completo di tutte le app Google e facile da gestire
  • n1
  • You are my new HERO now! :-)
  • Everything I need in just one place. Use it very often
  • Great app to have all your needed Google shortcuts in one place and more by adding your own custom shortcuts (can literally be any link, like Facebook or Yahoo or your Task/Project Management tool)!