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I installed Go-Mobile a while ago and I loved it.

But after a clean install of FF and installing all the addons again, the Go-Mobile button just can't be found anywhere on FF...

Tried adding items to the toolbars, but the Go-Mobile icon isn't at that list either... :-((also tried Google but it too failed to supply me with a correct answer).

I really would like an option to choose where the button is positioned and I would like it even more to be visible. Or maybe some sort of guidelines to set up the button.


*EDIT: the problem was FIXED, now you can move the button to where ever you want it to be :)

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Problem Fixed!

Which version of Firefox did you install? (You can find out in the menu Help --> About Firefox.) You also might check that the add-on bar is showing. (View --> Toolbars --> Add-on bar or just Ctrl + /).

If you still cannot see the button, could you send me an email at gomobilefirefox ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com? Now concerning being able to position the button, I am working on it! It will be available in the next release of Go-Mobile. (Version 2.0.3)

Edit: Problem fixed! The problem was that he was using Firefox 22 and Go-Mobile was not compatible with it then.