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I really like the idea of conversations where you can easily see what you replied to a certain message in your inbox. Unfortunately I don't like the UI of this particular plugin.
* You can't directly see who a message is sent to
* You can't directly see the forward button of a message
* Can't add a sender to your personal address book by clicking a star next to the name
* The inline reply window feels too small
* The key combo's don't seem to work perfectly anymore
* Although it says it comes bundled with a dutch translation there was no way to change it's locale from english to dutch (even though my tb is dutch)
* after uninstallation the message columns were changed from the default so it didn't perfectly restore my tb

Although I do think this addon has a lot of potential, it feels a little bit like a beta (not a 2.x). I hope these items will be fixed sometime so I can use this addon again. Especially the UI makes it feel a bit like a (cluttered) website inside thunderbird.

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