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Warum wurde "GlobalFindBar" geschaffen?

When Firefox 25 landed, a major change to the FindBar also landed. Before the FindBar was shared across all tabs in a window. In FF25 and on, the FindBar was changed to be independent for each tab. I wanted to restore the original behavior so developed this addon.

Was kommt als nächstes für GlobalFindBar

This addon was orignally made quick and dirty, as I wanted the classic FindBar behavior restored, so I plan to keep refining it. Through version copy.09 and 0.1 many bugs, suggestions, and comments were made by the users. I plan to keep using the user feedback to improve this addon.

I have some plans for an advanced FindBar which activates the find in all tabs and automatically triggers the find command on loading of page. But I need more user feedback before this changes and that will take it away from the simple purpose of this addon which was to restore the global behavior, so this addon may offshoot into another addon which features an enhanced FindBar.

For the immediate future this is what is planned:
+ The selected range should be kept same across shared FindBar's

Über den Entwickler

Name Noitidart
Ort San Jose
Homepage http://noitidart.github.io/
Benutzer seit September 3, 2010
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Wer ist Noitidart?

I am all about FF Addon Dev and helping others with their dev. At my website you can find addon dev resources (@Gists), my addons in progress (@GitHub), and how to reach me for help (@StackOverflow).