5.974 Bewertungen
  • it's pretty slick, and helpful
  • Totally sucks now after FF debacle. Not a fan of NeverHelper either. They actually made it worse after the certificate expired.
  • convenient and customizable!
  • FVD Speed Dial has been my go to for tab management and have been using it since 6 years ago for all my quick link launch.

    However for some reason in the latest update, it refreshed my entire FVD, causing me to lose all my saved links and groups.

    Besides this small issue, I would still highly recommend this add on, as I'm still currently an active user too.
  • I love this extension, but it does seem to slow down the process of opening my browsers. On Chrome I'm continuously getting the message that my dials are being rebuilt because something caused them to malfunction, and then sometimes it takes an enormous amount of time for Chrome to open. All I get is a white page. For that reason I switched to Firefox on my laptop because this situation was so bad. Firefox is a little better, at this time anyway, than Chrome with this extension.
  • Fantastic! love the quick access and sync features, I install this on every computer I use wgich are a lot IT CONSULTANT
  • Good replacement for FoxTab Speed Dial (I switched from Chrome). Just wish I could force the first icon row lower.
  • Does Not Work!
  • saves you time - you don't have to leaf
    through countless bookmarks, and you have everything needed right where you
    can see it immediately.
  • После обновы в очередной раз слетели все диалы. К чему 3D и прочие красивости, если сбоят элементарные функции?