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  • Very useful, but I experience a speed lags on opening my browser, though using a pretty good hardware. Wish SpeedDial could initialize faster. And I can not change search engine + it's not activating automatically on start, as by default in Firefox (for instant typing search query).
  • Many good functions. One is missing: display all groups as 3D or 2D view on first page. Preview image of such group could be many small thumbnails of the links inside.

    Not so good: no changable Bing search. Or the auto update which opens new browser windows. Or no titles in 3D view. Or create new empty and movable bookmarks. And some less more things.

    But thanks for that great replacement for SuperStart!
  • Genial
  • make my homepage coolllllll.
  • I like it.
  • muito bom
  • Love This!! Thank you
  • поиск не меняется, загрузка страницы долгая
  • Дуже гарний і зручний додаток
  • Perfect except the fact you can't change the search engine used when you type in the search field
  • One of the main reasons I refused to update to Quantum for as long as I did was the loss of the extensions that made things so much easier. I used anold Speed Dial type extension before, and it was superb. Highly customizable and easy to use. It ticked so many boxes. I like this extension, it has plenty of options, but every single time I load the homepage or a new tab, all the dial thumbnails refresh! Even the ones which are set to not refresh. What gives?