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  • Не приемлемо долго открывается "Firefox Browser" с данным приложением...
    5-10, а то и 15 секунд, я думаю это довольно долго, данное приложение выбрано страницей по умолчанию (с отключённым открывается моментально, если конечно выбрана своя страница по умолчанию) . В таком случае быстрота браузера теряет всякий смысл с этим приложением.
    Но функционалу удобно, плюс выглядит неплохо.
  • +++
  • I love it, works great, looks great and the 3d style of bookmarks is beautiful.
  • Almost perfect for my purposes as a home page. The only thing I have to complain about it is it not offering a choice of search engines. Because if that I can only give it a 9,9 instead of a 10.
  • Super Fast and smooth. Love it.
  • It'd be even better if there is an option for users to opt not to override the new tab page, which is opened by Ctrl-t. Because this extension hijacks the new tab page, FVD's new tab page will always be the first/oldest in the browsing history of each web page. Sometimes, I just want to Alt-Left to go to the original position of my local .html files, and it'd accidentally, unintentionally and annoyingly go to FVD. Some other extensions are more friendly in this aspect, which is the reason that I uninstalled FVD last time. Recently, I found the Speed Dial I used has item number limitation, so I reinstall FVD, and found that FVD still hijacks new tab page. Is there any chance that somebody can change this behavior, like clicking the toolbar button to display FVD page instead of showing it in the new tab page?