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  • In 2 months it deleted all my bookmarks dials 2 times. We are talking about over 40 pages that I have no ideea where i can recover. Stay away from this buggy application from incompetent developers. These developers are the peak of human stupidity. Develop an aplication that works perfectly and then come with updates made to break it more and more until it turns in a uselless s**t.
  • A great extension. However, it could be useful to freely arrange the thumbnails. Something like in Quick Dial.
  • This is one beautiful and useful extension. Coming from Opera, this almost fits my needs. It gets 5 stars from me
    Sadly it seems that they are no longer developing this. Things like folders are missing and users are clamoring for them to no avail.
    They have the coveted "recommended" badge. I hope that will move them to continue developing this wonderful add-on
  • EXACTLY addon which I need so much. Perfect! Thanks for excellent work!
  • Once in a while a firefox update screws this app up Royally. I am lost without it. When I reset my system to factory, the first thing I do is install FVD Speed Dial. I won't be without it.
  • A perfect addon that bring back the opera like speed dial feature into firefox. Can be customized according to the user like. Thanks a lot for this addon!