5.484 Bewertungen
  • very cool
  • Best add-on for internet browser i ever used
  • Запуск при открытии браузера ужасно долгий, еще повезет если вообще запустится, может остаться просто белый экран пока не наж. кнопку Speed Dial или дом страницу в браузере.
  • I can't believe I didn't write a review all these years. This is the best. Keep going back to this. Only wish it was on android, too.
  • Splashy good looks but ultimately a resource hog.I'll stick with the bookmarks toolbar.And the "permissions"?I wouldn't be to comfortable with that,folks.Does all that stay in your browser?
  • good
  • Thanks for loosing my dials !
  • kewl :)
  • Outstanding app. Easy to use and very useful. I have sites I visit regularly on this page and it makes it so easy to get to them. The mechanisms of adding and editing items on this page are straight-forward and simple. Thanks for making such and easy to use and productive add-on.
  • The add-on is very responsive and easy to use. I really enjoy the option of customizing the dials with my own icons.
  • Looks good, works good.
    Negative comments are probably from jealous competitors.