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  • Love this app. Makes finding my bookmarks and marked pages so much easier. I can just look at the Pics of the tabs and find my page. It has little windows that represent the bookmark.
    Will always keep this app.
  • Все мои закладки удалились после обновления. Жесть. Как жить дальше? Не знаю.
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  • I love this app. It syncs across all my devices, Dials & Bookmarks. And I really like the ease of use. Good job!
  • I dont use speed dial only bookmark sync. When it works it is very useful for me to sync bookmarks. I have had issues restoring a back up, locked up causing some trouble, but the more I use it the more I depend on it. Good Extension for both Firefox and Chrome which I only barely use. It is nice to be able to sync bookmarks from Firefox when I have to use Chrome.