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  • Все отлично, удобно очень и красиво. 100 лет пользуюсь)
  • So ist der Speeddial absoluter Mist, wenn die Synchronisation nicht funktioniert. auf deren Website steht was von 2 Wochen aber ab wann??? Die glauben doch nicht ernsthaft, das jemand den Firefox auf Version 56 Downgradet.
    Im Moment empfehle ich keine Installation.
  • Really very friendly, practical and ethical. I really recommend
  • Acho esta uma das melhores extensões ! Parabéns aos autores !
  • Sync failed.
  • 1 star bring back google search
  • I've been using Speed Dial for less than a week, but I am pleased. There are a lot of options for customizations - some which I have not yet fully explored. There are options for backup / restore of Speed Dial, and for syncing across devices (requires EverSync).

    Nimbus Web's privacy policy seems pretty direct. They are collecting some data, but it is for user interactions. They explain how some personal data can be made public, but I find no language that says they are selling personal data.

    I've long missed the old Speed Dial from before Firefox's major software/firmware shift. I used a version from another developer. Nimbus Web has done a great job of bringing an old friend to the new software platform. Thanks, Brian
  • Absolutely the best new-tab-extension