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  • I enjoy the glass appearance of the Icons and the Picturesque background.
    My favorite Web startup layout.
  • Love it!
  • Very good and gives you options to customize, just need a little performance integration with mozilla
  • Bonne extention, facile d'usage, fait très bien le job. Merci !
  • Works great, no issues. Just found the 3d wall, awesome!
  • Нормально работало, а потом все мои дилы пропали, даже на облаке. Советую делать бекапы сразу после любых изменений или не пользоваться данным расширением и выбрать что-то надежнее
  • Buena funcionalidad, pero concidero que se tiene que rediseñar la apariencia.
  • It would be perfect if the icon in the address bar could tell you if a site is already in your dial or not.
  • came back because of it's better features!
  • I've had FVD Speed Dial for about a week. I've had to re-add all the speed dials 3 times. I turn on my computer and all my speed dials have gone back to the 3 default dials. Very Annoying and not worth my time.
  • I like it - I don't like that it hijacks my tabs til I give a review or remove it and I almost did. That could make me hate& remove it! I would like to have given it five stars except for that. Please change it I want to rate on my time, not yours. The five stars it shows made me think that it was going to automatically record my rating as five stars and that my only option was to select "don't show this again" -
  • I do like this as it helps me keep track of most used sites. Could have a simple help section on how to back up before doing a Firefox Refresh that wipes all data including stored Speed dials.
  • Stopped saving preview sites. When the browser starts, the previews in the groups are loaded again. I turn to the tab with groups - all previews are overloaded again. Not in all groups, only some.

    Перестали сохранятья превью сайтов. При запуске браузера опять подгружаются превью в группах. Перехожу на вкладку с группами - все превью опять перегружаются. Не во всех группах, только некоторые.
  • Jest ok
  • Временами тупит и не запускается. А так в целом, лучшего не встречал, есть свой сервис по синхронизации всех настроек и закладок, что круто. Довольно тяжёлый, вряд ли подойдёт тем, у кого слабый комп.
  • Gorgeous. Versatile. Easy. But just a little quirky at times - I have to manually reload the page sometimes so it will respond to clicks again. Buuuut, I am using Waterfox. So...?
  • Good Job!
  • I love the concept, but I can't log into my account even though I paid for the pro account. Keep getting error message. Therefore I cannot backup my speedials to the server so I can restore to my other computer. Sorry that sucks
  • I'd be hard pressed to find an extension that I use more. I like the Safari browser on Mac, but never use it because this extension is not available.
  • Не приемлемо долго открывается "FF 62.*.* " с данным приложением...
    5-10, а то и 15-20 секунд, я думаю это довольно долго, данное приложение выбрано страницей по умолчанию (с отключённым открывается моментально, если конечно выбрана своя страница по умолчанию) . В таком случае быстрота браузера теряет всякий смысл с этим приложением.
  • Nice graphics but when i type in the url box on startup the speed dail steals the focus and it takes prox 4, 5 sec before i can try again. i used speeddail 10 years ago, and it was fast... tried to switch to simple view, but i cant find it in the (extensive) settings.
    Also, it doesnt (auto) sync. With the other FF and Chromiums. So its back to the old bookmarkbar for me.

    Running linux mint 17.3 kde firefox and chromium latest.
  • The most unreliable, most vulnerable application just like its parent Firefox. Every time there is a not required update from Firefox you lose all the saved dials and you cannot restore them back whatever you may do or attempt. Also It is very easy to get replaced by any malware and changes the default page. The developers do the updates but only God knows what they update as the old problems still persist. This is nearly the 5th time that I am facing this issue since the Firefox version 57 and I have always taken backups but the sync process goes in a loop even though it claims it will take 10-40 seconds it goes on and does absolutely nothing. The Eversync helper does not work either as only the guys whoi made it know what needs to be done.
  • Отличное дополнение еще бы скорость открывания увеличить было бы вообще супер
  • Although this is the best speed dial extension I'm giving it 1 star because of atrocious backups. When you restore from file it will mix all your dials and settings. Do not restore database from file. Total disaster.
  • Great app. It works perfectly, there is synchronization, setting up the workspace.