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  • Great functionality, but speed dial folders disappear sometimes, however they can be recovered if synced - Firefox user on Linux Min 64 bit
  • Would be lost without it.
  • One of my favorite Firefox addons. Because I have my most visited sites categorized, one click and I am on the exact page I need. Fast, accurate and the bonus is that it is good looking.
  • Excellent layout and ability to use across multiple platforms is invaluable.
  • It is pretty and fairly easy to use, but it is so slow! I find it quicker to just type URL's instead of waiting for this to load. So I mostly use it only for sites that I can't remember the URL for. Example: if I want Walmart, I just type "W" and it autofills long before this thing can think about loading.
  • i like it but wait and see what going on this need improvement 100% thank you
  • I'm a newbiew to this and i have to say its beautiful. I love it. Highly customizable and tons of features. You can sync between devices too. BUT, oh my god. it's painfully slow. When i fire up firefox, the first thing i see is the firefox homepage, then a white screen and finally Speed Dial. The whole process takes seconds on both my PC and Surface Pro.
  • Best add-ons on the market , Thank you
  • This app is better and better everytime I start my browser (Firefox or Chrome) I am very happy with it. Thanks a million!

    Btw, when we are at the icon program/website launch I have a simple request for a Win10 function: Save/Restore Icon positions. Microsoft does not want to se that very little but useful function. Especially when their desktop programming still is on level "amateur".
    I should easily pay a couple of £'s, €'s or dosh for such a feature... I will contribut soon to this proggy when I learned it fully... =)
  • Good all thanks team for world
  • Gives you granular control, doesn't interfere with any other software and just plain works. Been using it for years, and it's great.