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Edited: Tested again, dns leak was not caused by Foxyproxy.
The best proxy extension for FF, except for the DNS Leak problem...using it with flagfox, destination server IP is alway showed though I have set HTTP proxy for that, and I am sure it's been proxied...coz the site is blocked in china. When using Socks5 proxy and set remote DNS, everything goes OK(no dns leak). I dont know whether it is related to the proxy's IP which is i.e. my local address. Unless DNS leak is totally fixed, I will use autoproxy instead.Thanks.

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I am not sure what your problem is, actually. But FoxyProxy is NOT leaking DNS if you are using an HTTP proxy as using an HTTP proxy never leads to local DNS resolution. Rather, the HTTP proxy is always resolving DNS itself. That said I'd like to help you, though. Feel free to contact me at georg[@]getfoxyproxy[.]org (without the brackets) or open a thread in our support forums: I'd probably need some screenshots and your system information (OS, FoxyProxy version...) in order to reproduce/understand your problem.