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  • No supported PAC script.

  • Not so trivial first setup. If I want use proxy only for some URL, need setup first proxy and direct connection, then change pattern of direct connection to blacklist URL that I want to be proxyed. Eric, thank you for develop this extension ! Its great !

  • 好用的代理图标切换

  • Very good proxy add-on, but not so powerful as the old version. I really need the customizing click action feature so that I can customize one-click switch on/off function. In this new version I have to click twice to switch on/off.

  • la rapidez para cambiar de proxys y que te permite almacenar tu usuario y contraseña, pero no te deja escoger el mismo proxy para varios protocolos

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    hi, you can create multiple entries for proxy servers that support more than one protocol.

  • Please, return "Proxy Subscriptions" feature.

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    yes, it will return. thank you for writing.

  • It keeps remote host from controlling what I do

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    Please email support@getfoxyproxy.org for help--I do not understand what the problem is

  • Latest version requests permissions to delete browsing data. Why proxy management software would do that?
    Please move that function into a dedicated plugin and use only necessary permissions in each.

    I'm not worried about a plugin stealing my data. I just don't want to have a bloated do-it all plugin, that uses permissions it does not need.

    I agree, that different contexts when using different proxies may be useful, but that is supposed to be done with https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/contextualIdentities and not with data deletion. Even then, it's probably a scope of a different dedicated plugin.

    I would also like to point out, that if you decide to remove browsing data access later, it will be a removal of a well-used feature (and much more users will come yelling), while now it is an addition of an unnecessary quirk.

    To be less negative, let me say it in a different way. I adore the simplicity of previous version, with a little bit of UI polishing it would easily become my favorite plugin. Please don't take that true quality of a dedicated tool from us.

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    Some people want to delete browsing data when switching proxy servers. Right now there is a button in FoxyProxy to delete browsing data manually, but we also want to add the option to delete it automatically when proxies are switched. Why are you so upset about it? Do you think FoxyProxy is stealing your browsing data? Because if it wanted to, it could already do that before these new permissions--simply by watching all traffic going through your proxy servers. Of course, it doesn't do that, but you are no less secure with these new permissions than before; that is my point.

  • Please consider reverting the new Cookie permission requirement. I prefer this add-on to be solely resposible for handling proxy connections.

  • Why would I want to allow a proxy switcher to clear my recent browsing history, cookies, and related data!? A proxy switcher should only make sure the appropriate proxy is used nothing else.

  • Why does it need to read history and cookies?

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    new feature "Del Browsing Data" ... look above the "About" link when you open the main options page. it probably does not need history permissions because it does not delete history, but it does need cookie permissions. i will fix the history permission shortly.

    Please consider changing your rating if this is the only reason you gave the extension 2 stars.

  • Why does the latest version require Cookie and History permissions?

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    So it can delete cookies when clicking that new button. It probably does not need history permissions; I will check that.

  • What's up with the Cookie and History permission?

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    New feature "Del Browsing Data" ... look above the "About" link when you open the main options page. it probably does not need history permissions because it does not delete history, but it does need cookie permissions. i will fix the history permission shortly.

  • 现在这个只有英语的,没有本地的语言???

  • Can you comment please on support for android version of Firefox?
    It installs okay, configures etc, but it does not look it works. Websites still show home IP.

    It works really nice for Windows version of the Firefox.

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    Won't work on Android until Firefox supports its proxyAPI for Android. I'll update the description of this addon with that info.

  • It's a very useful extension

  • Pretty pretty well。

  • The go to FireFox extension for managing proxy connections. I have been using this extension for years, and it's still the best tool for the job IMHO...

  • Auto-sync future dont works for me. Any suggestions? Firefox Sync is on.

  • Pretty good, but still looking around. Any suggestions?

  • good.

  • Can you make it work again on Thunderbird 52.7 please ?

  • すばらしいです。これ使っとけばまちがいない。

    great. It will be no dout to use it.