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This works great for me. After reading about HB, I changed passwords and watched the address bar for https. The heart fills up red when a bad site is clicked on. Time to leave that page.

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I have been using this addon but recently in some pages affected by heartbleed bug but the addon doesn't report it.

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For those like me who do not use the add-on bar, just make sure the add-on bar is on temporarily. Then, right click on the location bar and hit customize. Then go down to the add-on bar and left click drag on the Foxbleed icon and drag it to the location bar. Works like a charm.

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Simple, fast and effective. I used "Customize Toolbar" to move the icon to my location bar.

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For people who have the Add-on bar on display continuously, this is a nice add-on. If you're one of the many people, like me, who never use the Add-on bar, it's worthless because you can't see the icon. Suggestion: Create an icon that can be planted on the Navigation or Menu bars.

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This addon is great!
It's so simple and yet so useful.

I've already found many vulnerable sites that I would have never checked manually and could notify the owners.


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Works as advertised!