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I am afraid I must downgrade my rating, as this issue is becoming very annoying now. I may uninstall it if it continues for too long.

This is a great plugin. Just one thing though - it is enabled by default when firefox starts, but often I don't want to automatically convert all the numbers on a page to a currency, as the curr converter does not accurately detect all currency values in every single page. Hence, I usually just enable it when I am looking at currency-related sites (shops etc). With the current behaviour, when I start my browser and reload a previous session, because currency converter is enabled, I have to wait until all my 80 or so tabs are loaded and then disable curr converter and then have to reload ALL TABS again to remove all the currency converter links in the pages. For this reason, it would be great if a checkbox option in the Currency Converter settings was added. such as, "Enabled at startup", which sets whether Forex Currency Converter is enabled when the browser starts. Also, a whitelist of all sites that you want the curr converter to be enabled on would be a good idea, however this is less important than my first point.

If at least the first enhancement is made, I will certainly change my 3 star rating to 5 stars! Thanks for your obvious hard work. Best of luck! Hal

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thank you

Hi Hal, can you please drop us a line at so that we can write back to make sure that our understanding of your requirement is aligned with what you have in mind? Best regards.