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  • Best addon for weather!
  • Forcing tracking to see site in full page makes this a no go. Did not used to be this way.

    Current conversation with Accuwaeather

    Comments: My ad blocker is off. Yet I still get a banner that takes up a full third of the page asking me to turn it off.

    Hi Timmy,

    Thank you for using AccuWeather.com.

    The reason you are continuing to see the popup is because of an embedded feature in your Firefox browser, called Tracking Protection. This is an adblocker that is built into the web browser and is undetectable from ad block detectors.

    You are able to whitelist AccuWeather in your browser and allow ads on our website by a simple click. Go to AccuWeather.com like you normally would and look at the top of the page where you enter the web address. To the left, there is a shield. Click that shield and then click “Disable For This Site.” This will disable the adblock for AccuWeather.com only.

    Please reply back to this e-mail if you have additional questions.

    Been using this add-on for years this just started a couple weeks ago.


    AccuWeather Customer Support

    Been using this add-on for years this just started a couple of weeks ago.
    what do you mean?
    Forecastfox has absolutely no tracking any websites!
  • Works great, but I cannot find a link to the source code of the extension. Could you provide a link to the source code? Thanks.
    In 2017, mozilla disabled displaying the source code for all addons:
  • I've installed and uninstalled Forecastfox (fix version) several time. I don't live in New York, and when I attempt to change location, Forecastfox shows a Google map error, that the program can't open Google Map. Since there is no way to change or add locations, Forecastfox is useless. I'm using a weather app with less functions, but at least it works.
    it may be a conflict with other add-on.
    please temporarily disable the other add-ons and check again your problem
  • I recommend this supplement :-) It is great to download it :-D
    Polecam ten dodatek :-) Jest super warto go pobrać :-D
  • Sehr gutes Addon, welches sehr übersichtlich ist.
  • Für mich die beste App für Firefox mit einem kleinen Makel:

    Nach der Installation konnte ich den Ort nicht ändern, da es Probleme mit Google Maps gab.

    Auf einem anderen Endgerät hatte ich die Einstellungen aus einer älteren Version 4.11 gesichert.
    Diese Sicherung habe ich dann in die Neuinstallation Version 4.19 geladen - und siehe da es funktioniert wieder.

    Trotz des Makels absolut empfehlenswert, Danke.
  • Süper proğram tahminleri güzel ve görsel
  • nice
  • I like to have in all my OS this simple,neat and easy to set addon.Thankyou a lot! :)
  • wow
  • Давно пользуюсь этим дополнением — ещё со старых версий браузера.
  • Excellent add-on but I noticed a bug?

    The "save settings" button on the options page does nothing and the "copy settings to clipboard" button copies nothing (same problem with your download manager!).

    Add-on version: 4.18 & Firefox version: 60 ESR
    Please send your problem to forum:
  • Yes
  • Äwesome
  • I can click on this add-on anytime 25 hours a day, eight days a week to access weather from a variety of locations across the United States as well as worldwide.
  • I like this add-on and find it useful, but unfortunately it seems to cause my tabs to crash when I'm browsing or refreshing a site for a long period of time. I've ruled out all my other add-ons as the cause of these crashes. I believe it also has a substantial impact on rendering performance. Unfortunately due to these issues, I have decided to uninstall this extension. I will be very happy to use it again if these issues are fixed or alleviated.
  • Glad you are back! One of the best weather apps.
  • Complet, with all the info you would like to have. BRAVO!
  • it is excellend
  • Excellent AAAAAAAAAA ++++++++++++
  • 99.999% perfect. My only suggestion is an option to automatically detect and display at the current location, like my phone does.
  • Güzel sade ve kullanışlı
  • I can not change the location. It says there is aqn error with google maps
    Please send all your problems to forum:
  • nice