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  • If you want to know how to make this version of Foobar compatible with Firefox 5, view my instructions here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=10960079#p10960079
    Thanks DJWebDUck. If anyone out there is a fairly savvy computer user and also can't wait for Foobar v1.6.1 to come out, do try his instructions - they seemed pretty simple. That being said, I sent v1.6.1 up for approval today - and once it's out you'll have official FF5 support. Thanks again!
  • This was an excellent add-on. Any news on whether there will be a Firefox 5 compatible version at all?
    I'm seriously considering downgrading my Firefox otherwise -- but that isn't really a long term solution.
    I just sent Foobar v1.6.1 for approval, so hopefully it will be released soon. Thank you for the review!
  • Love it, can no longer browse without it.
    Title says it all: Thanks!
  • Developer's website url listed is a dead link?
  • It's not available for 5 (Beta), 6 (Aurora) and 7 (Nightly) versions of Firefox for now. And don't work correctly with installed search-engines (in right-click context menu).
  • Awesome, but I wrote a bug report / feature requests:
    Thank you - I'll reply to your post there very soon.
  • probleme with start faster addon
    I've noted this issue, and will be testing/debugging it soon.

    EDIT: Hi - I'm building 1.6.2 right now and I cannot find the aforementioned "start faster addon." If you (or anyone) can provide a link to it, I'd be happy to do what I can to make Foobar compatible with it. Thanks again!
  • Perfect... There were some disadvantages in version 1.5 but they are all gone in 1.6. I can recommend it to everyone.
  • It's an awesome add-on! I love it!
    Now I updated Firefox to v. 4 and unfortunately there is an issue with suggestion list display. Could you fix this, please?
    I'm very thankful to you for this great add-on!
    This has been fixed - thanks for the kind words!
  • pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for 4!!!!
    Foobar is now FF4 compatible! Thank you for the review!
  • Awesome add on! But i have firefox 4 b11!! :'( :'(

    Plz make one for it!!
  • I very like this addon. But, please, add compatibility with Beta7 verson. Thanks!
  • EXACTLY the feature that allowed me to move successfully BACK to Firefox from Chrome... it's the missing link that Mozilla needs to integrate ASAP!
  • Sorry for the double review, but it seems that foobar doesn't show icons in the rich results to denote if the result is a tag, star, switch-to-tab, etc. This is a major usability flaw. And I think switch-to-tab should definitely be included in the options like bookmarks/history and search already are.
  • 单纯这个插件不错,但是与我原先安装好的FastestFox在“加强地址栏Enhanced Addess Bar”功能上有冲突,后者提供的搜索结果被抹掉了。这也太可惜了。
  • when i said delete items, i mean those suggestions it pop-up. like the items being selected in the picture:http://i51.tinypic.com/2uhmyw0.jpg

    foobar did run faster than omnibar as i could tell, if you could fix this issue, i prefer foobar to omnibar
  • Now I don't know which one is better, Foobar or Omnibar https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8823/

    Why did you made this when Omnibar already did the work?
    I'm glad to hear people like Foobar at least as much as Omnibar! I made mine because I felt I might be able to do it better (Omnibar ran real slow at the time - maybe they've improved since then, however). And, maybe it's my American capitalist sensibilities, but I think everyone could use a little healthy competition! :D
  • great Add-On!
    The only thing i miss is, the ability of adding custom engine by over self (from Google chromes omnibar)
    i was searching for Google chromes omnibar and ended up finding the similar extension with the name Omnibar which has lesser functionality, i found this one when i searched for address bar so I'm tagging it :)
    I think you should change it's name as chrome's omnibar or Omni Bar or some thing like that(just a suggestion)
  • You don't have to be a developer to appreciate how simply amazing Foobar is! This add-on has all I need: more URL real estate, less data entry fields, and intuitive response functionality. Thanks Foobar, for pimpin' my browser!
  • Love the add-on, looks great and simplifies browsing tremendously. I like my search results opened in the current tab. This is easy enough to correct in the options. However, it seems like I have to reset this every time firefox updates. I have not verified that this is the cause, but it does seem most logical. I run foobar on several machines so it can be irksome getting a new tab unexpectedly. A way to make option choices persistent would be nice.
    Thanks for the review. I haven't had anyone else report this bug, and options have always persisted for me. If this is still an issue, try uninstalling and then reinstalling Foobar - and let me know if it continues. You can use the support forum to open an ongoing discussion of the issue. Thx again!
  • I work as a web developer. I run a local webserver on the .local domain. Whenever I enter a url like: somesite.local foobar will detect this as a search string instead of a url. It will offcourse work fine when you enter http://somesite.local.

    Maybe it's possible to let people enter custom tld's that are used in the url detection in a future release.

    Other than this minor problem, I really like this addon.
    Hey Rick - I, too, work as a web developer; though I was unaware of these 'pseudo domains'.

    But you're in luck, because I happen to be releasing v1.5 today, and I've added support for .local as well as a few other unofficial official pseudo domains. Hopefully this new list is closer to being all-inclusive, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any TLDs that Foobar still doesn't support.

  • I like this addon.
    It has only one bug that I found so far. When I try to open kirillic domains (for example, правительство.рф) without typing http:// , then it opens google search results instead of site.
  • This addon is a blessing and requirement for any of my machines using firefox and it should be for yours too!
  • This addon is great! Now that it supports Organize Search Engines (thanks!) and can make tiny urls it's almost perfect.

    Still only works sporadically with Context Search, which is a disappointment, but I've found the Search With addon. Search With is ok, but the features are totally unnecessary and bloated (my opinion for what I need...don't take that the wrong way, it works fine). But I suppose I can sacrifice CS for the awesome functionality of this extension.

    Thanks for taking the time to make it!
    I'm glad to hear Foobar is working better for you. I used Foobar & Context Search together for a few weeks and never saw a problem. I'm going to keep Context Search on my radar, and I'll try to reproduce the issue. If I can ever see what's wrong then I'll be sure to fix it.

    Thanks again for trying out Foobar!
  • Much better and with less/no bug than OminiBar addon. Good bye ghost delay keys.

    Working fine with my Speed Dial default shortcut (ctrl + number), plus Firefox 4.0+ compatible.

    One suggestion: add support for new Firefox 4 feature 'Switch to tab', ie, make it show in top of list.

    Amazing addon!