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  • "URL shortening service:" in pop-up menu does not work.
  • En plus de combiner (si on le souhaite) les barres d'adresse et de recherche, ce module propose quelques options bien utiles, comme entre autres :
    - pouvoir changer de moteur de recherche avec la molette en survolant la barre de recherche.
    - pourvoir ouvrir le résultat de la recherche dans un nouvel onglet, soit en arrière plan, soit en l'activant.
    - modifier le nombre de suggestions de recherche.

    Je suis tout à fait satisfait de ce module pour l'instant, il rejoint ma liste des modules indispensables.
  • I've been waiting for someone to make this exact functionality for a long time! I would love to see an option that makes the search engine drop down show up automatically as soon as i start typing anything into the address bar. That would make it single-click to use any search engine. :)
  • Hi there-Great job with this addon! Using it with the latest firefox stable version (8.0) without any problems. Kudos!

    Do you have any option to change the search engines with a keyboard shortcut? that would be a great feature. Edit: the "Control" option seems to work fine for now!

    There also seems to be a minor lag when I start searching. For example, I'm using Wikipedia as my search engine in a blank tab and I start typing "bee" and it takes two or three seconds for "beethoven" to show up.

    It's not a huge problem, however:)

    This addon seems to conflict with Firefox's default "switch to tab" option. I tried disabling the addon and the feature is working fine now. Is this a known bug? Please confirm.
  • The search delimiter feature is extremely annoying.

    Trying to search for "bing maps", for example, will simply cause Foobar to tell Firefox to search for "maps" using the Bing engine. This alone makes the extension unusable for me.
    Agreed. I have thesaurus.com setup as a search engine, so now any search beginning with "the" opens that site instead of Google.

    I accidentally created this issue in the last release. Someone had asked that keywords work more like keywords, in that you don't need the starting delimiter. That seemed like a sensible way for it to work at the time - I just didn't think it all the way through...

    For the next release, I'm going to add an option in the preferences menu to turn the 'no starting delimiter' feature on and off, which should take care of it.

    I hope this helps make Foobar a better experience for you and for all!

  • As Fx steps towards a cleaner, less clustered UI, the search bar just appears to be too bulky....

    So, this extension is the solution with following merits:
    1. remove the search bar for the sake of clean UI
    2. nice integration with location bar, i.e. supercharge it with keyword suggestion
    3. a good interface provided for checking the keywords assigned

    It is now one of the great companions for my firefox.
    Wow - Thank you so much!
  • When I uninstall this plugin the search bar doesn't work at all, it's completely greyed out. pls help!
    I'm very sorry, but I've never experienced this before. I even just tried uninstalling Foobar and my search bar reappeared perfectly fine after restarting Firefox. I do hope you're able to resolve this issue soon (or already have)!

    Edit: I have also taken note of this issue, and if I do ever see it happen I'll be sure to do my best to prevent it from happening again.
  • It is fast and handy. Much faster than other, similar ext.
    One request though - mouseDown and sliding down doesn't work, but it's working in the default search bar. Here - you need to click, but can't press mouse button, and quickly switch search engine.
    Thank you so much - I'm glad you like Foobar! I'll be sure to look into your issue for the next release.
  • Great, but could be even better:
    Combining the search bar and url bar is a good idea, for the next version it would be awesome that you could make searches with several search providers. Let me explain:
    You could add some features like shortcut search as instantfox does. If you tipe b(space) in the url bar the engine could change from default (google) to bing. y(space) for youtube, w(space) for wikipedia, so that the sugestions of each engine are shown, u know??
    Thanks for using Foobar - I'm glad you like it!

    I had a long response to your review, but when I submitted it the site erased it, so here's the short answer:

    I am going to look into this for the next release - it's a highly requested feature, just one that isn't as easy to implement as I'd first thought.

    Thanks again!
  • I really like the porting of this concept, it's worked great since I updated to FF4, but with FF7, the context menu never gets altered when the search engine changes. For example, if I highlight <text> on a webpage then right click, there's a context menu entry "Search Google for <text>" even when I have Yahoo (or any other choice) as my current search engine. It should change to "Search <current selected search engine> for <text>".
    I've switched to OmniBar 0.7.10, and the functionality is restored. Let me know if a list of my other add-ons would be of use.
    Thanks for using Foobar and the high praise! You're right about the broken behavior - I've noted it and will look into it for the next release.
  • Thanks for the great Add-on.

    I have a problem - when I copy something and "paste and go" it into the foobar it just opens a new google tab. If I paste it and press enter then the result searches as expected. Can you help?
    Hi, and thanks for using Foobar :) I've made a note of this issue and will look into fixing it.
  • I've loved this add-on for a long time. However, recently, it has become incompatible with local addresses. If I have gone to http://servername/something recently, "servername/something" will appear when I start typing in the address/search bar. However, once I hit Enter, it will go to the search site (e.g., Google) and return results about "servername/something", rather than go to http://servername/something
    Thank you for the great rating! I've noted this issue and will work on fixing it for the next release. Thanks again!
  • Hi,
    I have been using foobar for a while ... i have one suggestion ...
    I feel it may be better if the items from recent browsing history are listed ahead of search results ... because many a time thats my destination and suits keyboardaholics like me ... :)
    Hey Joseph -

    Thanks for the great review - I'm glad you like Foobar!

    There's actually an option for what you want. Go to Firefox's Add-ons Manager and open the options menu for Foobar. There you'll see many options you can use to customize Foobar, including a Suggestions Placement option for putting either search suggestions or history/bookmark suggestions on top.

    Also, when the suggestion popup is present in Foobar and has both search suggestions and history/bookmark suggestions, you can press alt+down arrow once to jump to the first result of the second set of results.

    Hopefully this helps improve your Foobar experience!
  • I really like the fusion between the awesome bar and the search bar but why it replace the panorama shortcut ?!
    Oh - ctrl+e used to be the search bar focus shortcut, so I mapped it to focus Foobar. Now I see ctrl+e is for tab groups and ctrl+k is for the search bar. I'll fix that. Thanks for using Foobar!
  • Very good addon, but search suggestions should be improved. It only makes suggestions based on the search engine selected not in the keyword. For example if you want to search in wikipedia and type "w " the sugestions that will show will be suggestions for the phrase "w " from your selected browser. InstantFox does that better.
    I will be looking into this. I wanted to make Foobar work this way from the beginning, but wasn't satisfied with any of the solutions I was coming up with. I'll checkout InstantFox to see what they're doing. Thanks!
  • It adds simplicity to Firefox... and it works PERFECT!! Congratulations!!
  • i love this addon
    it integrates both the search bar and the url bar perfectly
    and its easier to use than the omnibar, because this one change the search tool using a small icon rather than a keyword(and can use keywords too as well)
    my only complain is that sometimes it doesnt show the "results" but may be a bug, however its not a big deal
  • if i write cyrillic domain like президент.рф adress bar always sends me to search engine
    i'd like to go to http://президент.рф/ when i write президент.рф and press Enter.
    with localhost no problems...
  • cool and useful addon.much better than the defult search bar.
  • It's like google chrome . I love it
  • Update to earlier review I posted concerning intermittent loss of Foobar's settings--In my case, believe this was caused by conflict with another location bar related addon--"Old Location Bar". Both nice addons, but did not play nicely together. Thx. Craig!
  • Meant to say automatic dropdown menu so all we need to do is hit enter and the menu pulls up.
  • In the third tab of the options, there is almost no word to see. It's probably a question of the German translation for Mac OS X, but I cannot change language for foobar. Please fix that as soon as you can!
  • I'd like to change the maximum number of visible suggestions for search results and URL bar from 10 to something higher.

    Since my monitor is 1680x1050, I'd like to use 54 instead:
    · 12 for search suggestions (probably less)
    · 42 for URL bar suggestions.

    I already tried by changing these values from about:config but it doesn't work.

    I also changed "browser.urlbar.maxRichResults" to fit with them, but it doesn't affect Foobar's restriction (no matter which value I use); so, Add-ons like "Locationbar Limit" can't work together with yours.

    Do you think you could allow users to change the maximum value for visible suggestions from 10 to anything higher, please? if this were possible, I could use just your Add-on instead of use 2 (or even 3).

  • Just the thing I was looking for. Should be a standard feature of Firefox.