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  • It is much better than omnibar. Especially with duckduckgo, it lets duckduck go show suggestions and results while omnibar doesn't.
  • This one is cool
  • Using ff23 beta7, it always uses the search suggestions taken from google, even if I search using a different one. 5 stars if this is fixed :) would also love the possibility to choose the search provider from the context menu of a selected text. Thanks for your work!
  • Looks like the issue with the too-large search icons has been fixed. I just switched over from OmniBar due to a input-related bug.

    This one is working great (and sans the bug from OmniBar :) ) !

    I'm also running v22 and all of my search icons -- including the larger ones like google and duckduckgo -- look fine and fit within the search bar (I have a few non-default ones as well)

    Disclaimer: I do have 1 Stylish style installed ("Firefox 4: Bookmarks Toolbar above tabs, enhanced"), but I don't see anything in there for increasing the size of the address bar... just changing the order things are displayed in.
  • Same problem here in Firefox 22, google button sticking out while all the others are normal size.
    Thanks for the great rating!

    I'm having the same problem - Will fix soon!
  • Since the update to firefox 22.0 the favicon of google is to big (the other favicons like yahoo are normal)
    Yep - I'm seeing the same thing - Will fix soon :)
  • Would be nice if control-k and control-e could go directly to the search bar.
  • very nice rewrite! but why isn't it restartless? no matter it's great! An option to replace the context menu item "search with google for [current selection]" with a submenu to all search engines would make it even more complete :)
    Thanks - I'm glad you like it!

    I couldn't quite make it work as a restartless addon, so I made sure to include all the features that had been requested instead - including getting search suggestions from multiple engines when using multiple keywords (which had been a thorn in my side from day 1)...
  • It's finally BACK! The latest v2.0 works flawlessly with Firefox 17
  • To Johan Lindén, give it a try now. I'm using FF 17 and the latest version of this addon and it seems to work fine. Nice plugin btw, I wonder why this isn't built in to FF to begin with.
  • Hi! A few months ago the google search worked well. After some FF upgrades, it doesn't work. So most of the point using Foobar is gone. I saw that someone else addressed this and you answered him in June (!) that it was on it's way. Well, since it is free I guess you have the right to do whatever you want. Thanks anyway.
    I did start a complete, ground-up rewrite in June/July - and today the latest version of Foobar (v2.0) is now out! Hopefully, Foobar is now better, faster and more feature-complete.
  • Nearly perfect. It does make Firefox just as good as Chrome. It would make it infinitely better if there was a way to keep the old search bar AND use it with a different engine. I know you can keep the bar, but it always uses the same engine as the Foobar. I'm a reference librarian, and I'd love to have quick access to Google and Google Scholar.
    Thanks for the review and the suggestion. As of Foobar 2.0 you now have the option to use a different engine in both Foobar and the search bar (if both are visible).
  • clears up a lot of space! but for some reason it wont search from the same bar anymore!! i have to go to google.com to make a search, instead of just typing words into the search bar from a blank page or whatever (using google). how do i fix this please??
  • By the way, I can confirm JayCagey's fix for the >> autocomplete feature. Apparently it is a feature starting from FF14, which is a shame. However, the problem disappeared after choosing "Place History/Bookmarks on top" in suggestion set placement. However, clearly it is just a workaround but I am glad I found it! Thanks!
  • Lately it's switched to searching Amazon only. I've tried to change it back to Google, and the little Google icon shows up in the address bar, but it still searches Amazon which doesn't help me at all. It's great when it works, but behaving this way it's useless and I don't know how to fix it.

    Edit: Fixed it a few days ago. Deleting Amazon as an option for search seems to have convinced it to go back to using Google. But then I updated and it did the annoying >> thing. To fix it, try going to about:config and changing browser.urlbar.autoFill to false. Seems to have worked for me.
  • I was able to fix that annoying problem of those ">>" suggestions by going into the Foobar options and changing the "Suggestion Set Placement" setting to "Place history/bookmark suggestions on top". Now all is back to normal! <sigh of relief>
  • I came to this page looking for replacement for those ">>" suggestions i found appearing after using Omnibar with FF14. Someone here mentions the same behavior with Foobar! That means it is a FF14 feature (everything worked fine with FF13) when using these add-ons. And it driving me nuts!!!! Any way to get read of this?

    P.S. For those who don't understand what i'm talking about - try to enter "firefx" (yes, without "o", like a typo) in the bar. You end up with the line looking like this "firefx >> firefox" so when you hit enter without looking you end up with the search for this ridiculous line - "firefx >> firefox"!
  • Hello,

    I loved your addon and used it constantly and consistently, but since the new update and you've added >> into the search suggestions I have to say I really hate that.

    I type pretty fast and then hit return and almost all the time now I am getting my search WITH >> and your suggestion (where ever it pulls that from).

    I thought it was a Firefox problem BUT it stops when I disable your addon so it must be yours ?

    If there was an option to turn that off then I will start using it again.
  • Difficult to use...
    /g/wiki foobar ...Can not use.
    1.Can not use my own search engine...
    2.Shorten URL with bit.ly No effect?!
  • [edit]

    Thank you for the swift reply.

    As for the dialog issue, I'm sorry I was wrong.
    It was just the size of my dialog was for some reason too small and it hided the OK/Cancel button. Just dragging down the bottom edge of the dialog fixed it.
    I don't know if its possible but can you explicitly specify the dialog's (minimum) height?

    And great to hear that the next update is coming.
    Looking forward to it!


    This add on is basically good, but has some fatal side effects.

    For example when I want to search for "twitter button" on google and type that phrase in Foobar, it goes to twitter website and search for "button", instead of searching google for "twitter button".

    Also "Manage search engine..." dialog is so wierdly designed in that it has no cancel or ok button. Forces me to quit Firefox itself in order to close this dialog.

    I hope that the developer could fix these problems soon.
    Hello and thank you for using Foobar!

    I am currently working on a long-awaited new version of Foobar - a major new version, actually (2.0) that will be a ground-up rewrite...

    In fact, I have already addressed your first concern! And as for the manage engine dialog, this is actually Firefox's native dialog - all I do is open it, without customizing it at all. If you disable Foobar, restart Firefox, and this still happens, there may be an issue with your Firefox (or perhaps another add-on). And if that fixes the issue, please let me know...

    Anyway, be on the lookout for 2.0 soon - and thanks again for using Foobar!
  • Awesome addon.
    But in Firefox 13 I can't no more use google's "site:%sitename%" search method.
    It shows me error:
    >>Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (site) isn't associated with any program.

    Thanks for your review. I am currently working on a new major version of Foobar - one updated with the latest versions of Firefox in mind. This is a ground-up rewrite, and, in fact, I have already addressed this particular issue :)

    Thanks for using Foobar, and be on the lookout for 2.0 soon!
  • Great add-on.

    A minor problem:
    Copying an entry from about:config, pasting, and pressing Enter - doesn't trigger a search.


    I am currently working on a new major version of Foobar (2.0) and I've added this issue to my list of things to test and fix.

    Thanks for using Foobar!
  • The search bar has a "Paste and search" in the menu, but the foobar miss it.
    can you add the "Paste and search" to foobar menu?

    Thank you for your suggestion - I will be adding this feature to the next release of Foobar!

    Thanks again!
  • It's really a great addon, but automatic search does not work for Firefox 10 when search engine change to automatically trigger a new search is ticked.
  • 很好的扩展组件,但在最近使用中发现了一个问题,以下是反馈报告:
    环境为windows xp sp3,firefox nightly 13.0a1。