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  • Indeed, was working nicely on FF 35.
    Still runs on FF 36 but completion is no more working (aka no drop down list with relevant choices)
    Fixed - Thanks for using Foobar! :)
  • Great addon but it's not working with Firefox 36. It's as dead as a dodo. Fix it ASAP please!
    Fixed - Thanks for using Foobar! :)
  • Hello encoder,

    Being paranoid with online privacy, I'd like to know if Foobar sends any queries if the option "perform search suggestions only when keywords are used" is checked and I'm writing an address without any keywords.

    Other than that, great addon, certainly one of my essentials.
    Hey - I'm sorry it took me awhile to answer this question, but I wanted to re-check the code to be sure of the answer...

    And the answer is: Foobar does not send any search suggestion requests if:

    - You've turned suggestions off
    - You've selected "perform search suggestions only when keywords are used" and you have not used any keywords

    To repeat: No requests are sent (none at all) in these cases.

    Thanks for the great question - and for using Foobar!
  • Suggestions not working on Firefox 36 + (Firefox Beta and higher).

    I can't imagine myself using Firefox without this addon anymore. So it would be a pitty if Foobar will not be fully capable when Firefox stable gets the update to ver. 36.
    I don't generally test against beta versions - I wait until the release; which, I know, means fixes come a little later than they strictly need to... But, this is fixed now, anyway - Thanks for using Foobar!
  • Keyword bookmarks won't work after installing this addon. ( http://lifehacker.com/196779/hack-attack-firefox-and-the-art-of-keyword-bookmarking )

    Yes, the bookmarked site appears in the dropdown results. But it may be not the first one. The default behavior of Firefox is that whenever you type a keyword bookmark and press enter, the browser goes directly to the mentioned website. But after installing foobar I have to select it from those results.
    I've been unable to reproduce this issue. When I type text into Foobar that matches a bookmark keyword, I get said bookmark in my results as expected. This works even when the keyword has nothing to do with the bookmark itself - like a keyword of "xxxx" for mozilla.org.

    I've done some searching, and it seems Firefox itself may have recently made some changes that effect how bookmark keywords work - perhaps that's the issue? See this thread, for example: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2908241&p=14041535
  • Hi, just so you know that the 2.1 version doesn't fix the problem of not displaying favicon of default search engine at HiDPI.

    Besides, I also observed that when creating a new window (Menu bar -> File -> New Window), the favicon is the icon of this plugin, rather than the one of my default search engine. Here is a demonstration: http://d.pr/i/1hSfG
  • Great add-on. I made an improvement to it so it can mimic even more the defunct Google Toolbar. The diff file is available here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B57mZRKGfNrnWW5qbG1PUUhZeDg/view?usp=sharing
  • A kiss excellent addon =)

    Here it won't work anymore with addon's default prefs and 'Organize Search Engines' addon installed. It's like it was simply bypassed, see:
    1. If 'browser.search.showOneOffButtons' = true, search field doesnt show at all
    2. If 'browser.search.showOneOffButtons' = false, search field shows and cannot be hidden.

    Firefox 34.0.5
  • Great add-on, sadly had to downgrade due to the problem of bookmark keywords not working in 2.1
  • When opening a new window,the search icon is lost,and it displays a wrong search icon.
  • In v2.1 keyword searches from the address bar do not work. Also I don't know if it is intentional or not but the foobar icon is shown instead of the search engine provider icon in the address bar.
  • The latest version, 2.1, stops cybersearch from working and prevents speed dial numbers from working in the address bar
  • Seems like no matter what I try, it only gives me the default Google search suggestions (or DuckDuckGo in the case of 2.1) for all of my search engines. The built-in search box gives me the proper suggestions however :s

    Great add-on overall but unfortunately proper suggestions are my top priority.
  • This Add-on always uses Google suggestions, even if the search engine is not google. This bypasses privacy measures, e.g. when the default query is sent to DuckDuckgo - the suggests are still from google
    If a search engine provides a suggestions provider, that provider is used by Foobar. If not, I use a default provider - which used to be Google's, but is now DuckDuckGo's (as of v2.1).
  • Great extension. Seems the author is no longer reachable and no update in almost a year.
    Would like to have the ability to resize the search/address bar in the options.
    New update (v2.1) has been submitted for review, and should be out soon. I haven't included a way to resize the address/search bars, however, as I don't think this particular feature fits with Foobar's goal, which is simply to combine the 2 bars together. Thank you, however, for the suggestion - and for the great review :D
  • A must have for everyone!
  • Even I made it 50 it shows 13.
    The maximums are now 10 each for both search and history/bookmark suggestions - for a total of 20. I chose these numbers for a few reasons, like search suggestion providers only returning a max of 10 suggestions, and Firefox's UI really only being able to handle displaying 10-20 results in the suggestions dropdown (10 for the 'Rich' style, 20 for 'Simple').

    Note: this change has been made in v2.1, which is currently submitted for review.
  • I really like this add-on because works really good
    thank you for that.
  • Love the add-on. I have been using it since I found it a few years ago, but do you think you can make it restartless? I find it annoying to restart the browser after installing add-ons (not a inhibitor, just annoying).
    Thank you for the great review :D

    When I rewrote Foobar for version 2.0, I tried making it restartless via the Add-on SDK, but it wasn't possible at that time, because Foobar integrates too deeply with Firefox.

    However, restartless addons have come a long way since then, and may now (or soon) support the functionality I need to make Foobar restartless. I'll keep my eye it, and maybe 3.0 will be restartless :P
  • Nice. It is this or Omnibar if you want to get rid of the search box.
  • Great! Fixes search from address bar in Firefox 23+.
  • Great, just what I was looking for!
  • Very nice!The Omnibar always responds slowly.

    It seems there is no change when selected the Rich/Simple style for suggestion popup.
    Hopes can add/modify search engines.
  • Works great!
    Since 2.0 this extension is better then Omnibar because it handles suggestions the proper way.
    (Otherwise they are very similar and I pick one that works with current aurora channel build)

    [bug?] How do I multi-search? There is a "separator" char definable in options so I assume this should be possible?
  • Does exactly what is says.

    One small issue. A feature I like from the standard Firefox URL bar is that if I begin typing, a list of results from my browser history is displayed. If I mouse over a result and press "delete" - that result is removed AND removed from my browser history, whereas with Foobar the result is removed but remains in the browser history.

    Regardless, it's a nice addon!